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Shining Armor x King Sombra Patreon comic (part 2 continued) for Trance Sequence!
explicit364886 grimdark29808 artist:meggchan692 king sombra14322 shining armor23751 pony1025808 unicorn348842 comic:trance sequence 26 anal28766 balls80573 both cutie marks10908 clopfic in the comments1019 comic112198 dock52642 doggy style7980 gay28958 king sombra raping shining armor6 male392806 male pov7646 males only3202 nudity385937 offscreen character36188 orientation play238 penetration61857 penis160744 plot83039 pov14613 rape8348 sex127143 stallion118001


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Background Pony #C34E
My favorite panel. Shiney being dominated by the King. Sombra owns that hot ass now. Unf
Background Pony #C005
@Background Pony #5EE3  
It’s the closest we’ve got for ass to mouth, from stallion to mare.  
We barely have any of those kinds of pics, if not at all.  
I need to pick up art again to draw it myself somehow, if only it didn’t take so long to not suck at drawing. There’s must be a magical potion I can drink to master art instantly.

I don’t know if you’ll actually read this but you should work in this detail that the black crystals contain an aphrodisiac that can be activated by Sombra to be released into the victim’s body.  
Having Sombra doing something unspeakably evil like this would crush Shiny’s heart as not only would he enjoy the rape but he would enjoy it more than doing Cadance an even beg for more sexual domination from Sombra.
You can thank Hasana-Chan for the idea.  
Background Pony #C005
So he fucks the beautiful pink crystal princess in the mouth.  
Then afterwards he fucks her husband, the royal guard captain, in the ass.  
That’s fucking hot.
Artist -

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH%!!!” Opening his mouth wide open, his cock began to shoot out his own ropes of cum. Each rope successfully landed on Shining’s face, most of which went into his mouth so he could savor the taste of his own creation. He closed his eyes and happily let out pleasurable whore like moans whilst letting his own cock shoot cum at his face. Truly he could get gayer than this… but for now this was simply perfect. As you two rode out the intense orgasm that lasted a full straight minute, both you and Shining made long sighs of relief. Shining’s belly was bloated up to the size of a watermelon and his face was fully coated in a thick layer of cum. Both of you took a moment to catch your breaths from the intense climax, cherishing this moment you two made.
“O-Oooh… oh fuck… ohhh… ffffuuuck… so good… oohh…” You commented under your hot breath. Carefully turning Shining around without letting your cock plop out to drain the cum inside him, you made him lay on his back. There you saw the incredibly messy face he made. You couldn’t help but smile at how adorable and sexy it looked. Leaning forward you softly laid on top of Shining, licking his face to taste his sweet cum.
“I love you baby%<3” You said to him as your heart pounded hastily to calm down from the adrenaline, but was also pumping fast with a passion of love and romance. Shining cracked open his closed eye and smiled at you.
“Ooooh Anon… I love you too baby~<3” Then he pulls your head in and gives you a cum soaked deep kiss. Both of your lips pressed against one another, sharing Shining’s cum between your tongues and lathering your love saliva with one another. Truly this was one of the best nights of your entire lives… and no matter what you wish to be at his side for the rest of your life.
Artist -

“HAAUHH!! HAAAHHH!! OOOH FUCK BABY!! I’M GONNA CUM!! I’M GONNA CUM HARD!!!” You curse out loud, clenching your eyes shut and tensing up your muscles. Shining’s hard cock wobbled up and down, flinging his pre-cum to his chest and muzzle. Shining bent his neck downward so he would catch his own cum into his mouth. He loved cum so much that he made protein drinks every morning. No way he was going to miss out on this opportunity.
“OOOH BABY!! I’M READY!! MAKE ME CUM!! S-SHOOT YOUR CREAM IN ME!!” Shining shouted as he began to thrust his ass back at your waist, encouraging you to dump everything your balls have. Heading past the point of no return, your body stiffs up, muscles tensed tightly and your mind was at the edge towards insanity. Within a few more powerful thrusts, the last one you slam dunk into home, shoving your entire length including your sheathe to fully plug up the hole. There you tossed your head upward and bellowed a roar.
“F-FFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!!!” Grinding your tight balls against Shining’s ass, you feel your cock twitch in him as you shot your thick load of warm cum. It traveled down through his intestines and into his stomach, filling up the empty room with your own semen. His anal walls were devastatingly over-flooded so much that cum would burst out of Shining’s anus like a firework, but thanks to your sheathe, you managed to hold back every single drop from escaping. Shining’s stomach was welling up like a balloon, cock throbbing wildly as the feeling of his prostate hammered down hard and his insides being filled up caused the unicorn to cry out your name in utter pleasure. Cont~
Artist -

“Ooohhhh ffffuck Shiny!! W-Whose my gay c-captain?! H-Huh? W-Who loves c-cocks and cums more than I do?!” You spoken in a demanding yet not cruel tone to your husband, wanting to hear his answers come from his whore moaning mouth. Shining’s eyes were rolled up to the top of his head and his mouth still open to let the covers on his bed be drooled on. He managed to hear his lover’s questions… and being so submissive he couldn’t help it.
“I-I am A-Anon! I’m y-your gay captain! I-I love s-sucking long cocks and love drinking sweet cum from other horny stallions! I love to snuggle with every ball sacks I can get to, I love being cummed inside and being fucked by hot stallions like you b-baby!! M-Make me y-yours!” The way Shining answered his sexual fantasy was so overwhelmingly arousing, but the way he said it just made your heart aflutter. Now ready to deliver what he desperately wanted, you grasp both of his ass cheeks, spread them wide apart and started to slam dunk his ass. Your balls swung up and down between your legs, now slapping lewdly on his lower ass cheeks. The sound of his moist anus squelching grew louder and wetter as pre-cum just leaked out of your cock like a broken faucet. And the noises of you both moaning and panting filled the room with intense love making that other stallions and possibly mares would listen onto this hot action behind the walls.
A minute of ramming your hard cock in and out of your husband’s anus, you feel a powerful surge of pressure emanating in your groin. Judging how much it was building at a short amount of time could only mean that your load was gonna be a big one. Now being compelled by the overpowering stimulation, your body automatically thrusts faster and harder for you. You were no longer in control of stopping your body… but why would you? Cont~
Artist -

“G-Gghhnn! O-Oh t-that’s it, you are so going to be sore after this. Get ready for my cock baby%” You utter under your hot breathing. Willing to get things started, you position the tip of your crown to the rear entrance. As the crown was placed in the center of the pudgy ring, you began to sink your length into the captain, thanking the precum and saliva to give your cock a smooth venture. You and Shining exhaled loudly in unison at the vibes of pleasure traveling down both of your spines. You sink in your thick meat deeper with no sign of pausing. Shining held in his breath and took in the pain, he wanted to have his cock sheathe deep in him… every single centimeter be shoved in his slutty ass. As the crown and the medial ring brushed past his prostate, Shining’s tongue lolled out with saliva stalactites in his mouth. His face blushed even more brighter, almost to the point of having a nose bleed.
“OOOOHHH!! OOOHHHH!!! Ooooh C-Celestia yeeesssss!!! G-Give it t-to me!! Haaahhh!! A-Aaauhh%!” Shining groaned out loud, fighting off the stinging pain of his anus being stretched unexpectedly while experiencing undeniable pleasure that flowed through his crotch and his balls. You, who can feel his tight and wet walls pulsing inside, constricting and sucking in your length felt so incredible. Each movement you made was a spine chilling pleasure that drove you mad for more.
“Oooh god! M-Mffff! S-so warm… t-tight… s-so fucking good… haahhh…” You panted softly, trying to comprehend the magnitude of his wonderful gay anus. Using your waists, you pulled your length out and shoved it back in repeatedly, commencing the real sex. The precum and saliva you added in his anus seeped out of his anal cracks, flowing down the captain’s ass cheek in a bead rolling down leaving a trail behind it. Already the sound of the muscles squelching and squashing on your cock could be heard, and it was simply music to your ears. With both of you intertwined by love, you started to thrust your hips back and forth faster and harder. Your ballsack (be it normal or the size of therapy blow up balls) swinging back and forth between your legs, slowly hitting the under cheeks of the captain. You huff and puffed with every thrust you made as your body shuttered with every shocking pleasure that jolted through you. Cont~
Artist -

“Mmmmmhhhmmmhhh!” You moan so ecstatically, your cock was just aching away at how painful it was to miss out on the action. Shining writhed in pleasure as his prostate button was pressed hard, causing his mind to go hazy.
“OOooooh fffffuck me baby! Please!! Oooohh!! Oh f-fuck me s-so hard!! I really want that s-sweet, sweet c-cum of yours inside of me! B-Breed me m-my love!!” Shining was just spewing out raunchy requests that only fueled your burning desire to give the captain what he really wanted… and you were going to deliver… genuinely. Your cock begged you to stop teasing your lover and simply want to get some action as well. The call of your erection was too much for you to stall, you’ve gone past your limit at reserving your patience. Now… you were ready to butt fuck the living hell out of your husband. Pulling your tongue out of his anus with a wet plop, a string of saliva connected to his tongue and on the wet hole he just pulled out of.
“Oh now we are gonna get you filled up my gay captain.” You said so proudly as you climbed on top of the bed with him. Your hooves were planted on each ass cheek of his, spreading the two bubbly mounds apart to reveal the wet and delicious result you’ve made. Placing your cock within the center of his plot, you slowly yet grind hardly in between his crack, using your thick medial ring to rub Shining’s wet doughnut hole. Shining whined and moaned at the teasing, he wanted his lover to take him now.
“Oooohhh, please a-anon, I need your hot cock in me. F-Fuck me baby<3” Shining pleaded you while he grind his ass up and down your length back. He was ready to be taken, ready to be filled with male essence, and was ready to feel super gay. You groan and gasped at Shining’s attempt to try and slide your crown into his wet anus without warning you… but you managed to pull away just in time. Cont
Artist -

Consider it done.
Shining never knew that his sexual preference was something he never thought of being… a super homosexual. By royal decree of Cadence to be Shining’s political wife for their chance to bring an heir to the throne, Shining still loved Cadence… but not in the way he was meant to love her. It was all for the sake of politics… and both were hesitant to do so first. But it was the only way, and they had no other option. So… both Cadence and Shining lied about having sexual relations to with each other… and in secret… both had secret spouses that they could sexually love and be a part of ones family. Yes, Cadence has a wife… while Shining had a husband. Both spouses were very kind hearted, goofy and yet lovable. Shining’s husband was named <Insert male OC> and Cadence’s wife was <Insert female OC>. They hid in secret… never to tell the press or the public of their decisions and lived happily as they did.
One of those nights… was about to be another hot evening.
“Ooooohhh Anon<3 Oh fuck baby! T-That feels s-sooo good! Mmmffh!!” Shining moaned out at you, looking behind him as he stared lovingly at your tongue thrusting in and out of his pudgy ponut. You, a stallion OC that was the luckiest of any gay stallion who could had stolen the heart of this horny stud was your husband and your cum tank. Your cock was very thick and hard, almost impossible to fathom how turned on you were as you listen to Shining’s quivering mare moans. Your face flushed deep red as his musk hit your nostrils, pre-cum scenting the air that furthered your libido drive. Wanting more of his arousing moans, you began to thrust deeper and harder into his anus, wiggling around inside his walls and attempting to grind the tip of your tongue on his lovely prostate gland. You began to press your lips around his anal ring, practically making out with it as your saliva coated the doughnut shaped hole. You suckle on the ring, kissing and smacking your lips as your tongue was buried deep in his warm constricting hole. Cont
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Artist -

his anus just gives the call to let himself be bred by other musky and dominating stallions to dump their hot milk into his needy thirsty tunnel to quench his thirst for lust and homosexuality.
write a fic pls o.o;;
Artist -

Shining Armor was born to be a gay slut… his anus just gives the call to let himself be bred by other musky and dominating stallions to dump their hot milk into his needy thirsty tunnel to quench his thirst for lust and homosexuality.