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safe1751157 artist:overlordneon147 sunset shimmer64813 twilight sparkle306234 alicorn232964 pony1011174 alicornified5557 alternate timeline3040 alternate universe10509 backlighting952 duo64797 ethereal mane8471 female1402426 mare502460 race swap14673 shimmercorn660 starry mane4560 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126215 ultimate twilight432


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Background Pony #3087
so I was in the game of friendship sunset and it became alicorn and is immortal at the time sunset with the device sci twilight absorbed the energy of the rainbooms and 5 united energies of the elements of harmony is born daydream shimmer the princess of magic could say that sunset is the twilight of the human world also so celestia is it intended to send to sunset the human world because he knew that celestia sunset in the human world will become alicorn also that of somehow sunset it become the protector of the world that wanted to conquer it ironic (though it had become in her music video alicorn my past is not today)
Background Pony #84BE
When most writers try to write Twilight as an immortal alicorn, a lot of them ignore the issues displayed in the show that would make such a thing a difficult for her dependent personality type. Don't ignore that, and you'll be fine.

Even this picture, while beautiful, sort of displays Twilight 'how Celestia imagines Twilight', a lot more then Twilight's current potential displayed in the show.

And even Sunset would be uncertain if the role of IMMORTAL princess is right for her, but if she was put into the position of leader know, while she would be uncertain about whether she deserves it, she would still be the optimum choice, so this is a pretty accurate picture for Sunset. The end of Friendship Games hinted to that as well.
Background Pony #E940
A very beautiful image
It would be a very nice plot point near the end of the show's run if the two were eventually to take the roles of Celestia and Luna