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suggestive (120131) artist:ernet888 (12) flash sentry (11556) sunset shimmer (53993) twilight sparkle (272144) equestria girls (169929) belly button (62854) bondage (28335) bra (13030) breasts (220302) cleavage (28938) clothes (381882) female (825852) femdom (6121) flash sentry gets all the mares (105) flashimmer (1657) flashlight (2483) flashlightshimmer (61) gag (12351) humanized (90873) imminent sex (4635) love triangle (372) male (281986) malesub (3375) pajamas (2724) panties (43805) purple underwear (1869) ropes (395) shipping (174359) starry underwear (138) straight (115369) submissive (10952) this will end in jail time (336) underwear (52394)


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Background Pony #4439
Flash: Stop this you two! HELP ME MASTER CELICAAAA!
Celica: Can't. They paid me fifty bucks to help them.
Flash: Oh for the love of God!
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He's not crying, he's not naked, they are only teasing him and the artist already said is not rape just kinky fun. Besides I'm not into rape in fanart due personal reasons