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Ma'am you look way too much like mah sister.
safe1688351 artist:badumsquish1934 derpibooru exclusive27954 applejack168345 big macintosh28044 oc673294 oc:abominapple9 applesauce pony7 earth pony241934 goo pony1833 original species24804 pony950055 abomination726 applesauce96 applesaucejack3 bedroom eyes58494 clone2766 eye contact6447 female1346370 flirty286 male366558 sitting62209 smiling243194 surprised9109 wat19137 wide eyes16901


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Hey! You make me sound like a depraved weirdo…

I dunno if you've noticed badum, but when you search your artist tag…
artist:badumsquish (315) —
Short description:Makes the god-damned weirdest porn

it's not just me :p
Background Pony #027B
Basically it was like a super soldier program. They made twins and tweaked their genetics so one got the "good dominant" genes and the other got (in liquid's own words) "all the flawed recessive genes".

Where do I BEGIN with what doesn't make sense there? Firstly genes aren't dominant or recessive; that's a gross oversimplification used as a teaching aid for beginner students (akin to telling a child that storks bring babies to explain where babies come from). Secondly, while alleles are dominant / recessive it has nothing to do with the "quality" of the genes. Thirdly, despite one of them allegedly being superior and one flawed (the "big" twist is that Liquid is actually the superior one), they're both near perfect specimens of humans with peak physical and mental abilities that border on superhuman even within the rules of the videogame (these people take down ACTUAL superhumans, like a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier and a straight up move-shit-with-his-mind invisible-turning telepath.)

It's literally a plot point that makes zero sense in real life OR within the rules of the game's universe. What makes it so strange is that the rest of the game is so meticulously and thoroughly researched. Like, the makers researched inuit languages and the origin of fucking cardboard each for one minor throwaway conversation that doesn't even further the plot, and did stuff like design a completely useless room in the basement just to have a diesel generator in it so they could justify the game having air vents large enough to crawl through. Its like genetics was the last thing to research and they were all burned out at that point, and just played it by ear.

Holy shit sorry for the wall of text
Background Pony #027B
Liquid Snake was the bad guy in Metal Gear Solid whose entire driving force in life was that he was "the inferior one" from a set of twin clones. His logic, or lack thereof, for thinking this was that he got the recessive genes.

He (in other words the makers of the game) has such a piss poor understanding of genetics that a kid in freshman biology would point and laugh. Its even funnier because the character is allegedly a genius yet couldn't be bothered to hop on Wikipedia or Google for like five minutes to learn that GENES DON'T WORK THAT WAY. Seriously, the applesauce clone of AJ with 5% dna makes more sense than Liquid' s understanding of genetics.

I bet he wanted to paint Metal Gear red with flames while he was at it. We all know that makes cars move faster.
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GMHAA's not the only one having odd encounters with monster pones.

Hey! You make me sound like a depraved weirdo who can't help but… but…

Okay fine you got me there. But in my defense only two out of the eight slime creatures I've made have pulled that stunt.

Applesauce Pony here doesn't count. That was a natural pregnancy.

Well, "natural" at least.

This one won't. She just thinks Mac is a cutie. And being a clone of AJ that shares less than 5% of her DNA, that's about four times removed so it's technically not creepy.