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Superman and Flash Sentry, two characters who have many haters for many reasons,  
some are reasonable and others are dumb.

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@Background Pony #E729  
That’s not a assessment. He’s not a bad character, like several characters in the series Flash DOES have several character traits that make for an interesting personality, heck I could bring up some good info right now:
Flash has a sense of justice as he went to clear Twilight’s name when Sunset framed her.
He dumped Sunset despite everyone in the school being afraid of her so he clearly wasn’t afraid of a bully or at the very least knows how to spot a bad influence.
He’s a gentleman, a bit of a music nerd and a clutz.
He has a few character flaws like him not being able to cook (if Friendship Games is any indication), having a bit of an ego when it comes to his music (Banner Day is a good example of that).
He’s apparently good friends with Lyra and Bonbon.
Was considered smart/athletic enough to be picked for the Friendship Games.
And here’s an interesting thought: If he’s a Royal Guard in the pony world, that could be carried over to his human counterpart in the form of him wanting to be a police officer.
Granted, that last part is speculation at best. But you get what I’m saying, these are several facts about his character that can be used to make him interesting, all simply because I explored ALL possibilities for his character, not just the ones I WANTED to.
Background Pony #7642
I doubt Flash will leave a lasting impression on popular culture unlike archetypical superhero/standard meter like Superman  
At best a cautionnary tale like Jar Jar Binks but Jar Jar Binks is more known than Fkash Sentry  
Even in failure,he can’t keep up
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For Flash, sure, that reasoning kinda works.  
For Superman? Yeah, nah, the ‘ridiculous’ reasons are because he’s just ridiculously overpowered. Prefer Wonder Woman. Kinda like him (at least in strength and flight), but not as ‘god-mode’.  
Blahblahblah, super hero debate and nerd talk, bitch, bitch, bitch…
Hardly anything wrong with Flash.  
Hardly anything really right as well, but still.
Background Pony #F5C4
@Background Pony #C35F  
I still think you’re mistaken. I don’t think Flash is all that self-centered, even if he is putting on airs a little bit. He wants to seem confident, even if he is sort of the nervous type sometimes. There are bigger egos in the show, that’s for sure.
However, I do applaud your effort to give an answer to the rabble who obsessively insist that Flash is never to be spoken of ever. These haters just don’t know when to quit.
Background Pony #3B1F
@Background Pony #B4E2  
First of all, “don’t try it won’t work is a STUPID attitude.” I’ve read stuff over the internet that has made me think of something - character, story, setting - better. Best example: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Second, fine, I see no worth in Luna’s character. All her characterization is being guilty and speaking Shakespearean. Wow, so amazing. So original. Look at all of that characterization. Or how about Celestia? Spike? Applejack? So plain and dull the lot of them. No ambition, and flaws only appearing in the episode that focuses on them.
And, you still have more free time. I spent most of my time on this picture. You spent most of yours going to pictures you hate and surely like. And, even if I do have more free time, I, at least, spent more time on defending something I like than wasting time on something I don’t.
Background Pony #CD9B
@Background Pony #C35F  
Nobody cares for your so called “facts and evidence” that you straw grasping from anywhere you can, you won’t convince anyone or make them change their minds, you’re doing one pointless job here writing all that tl;dr m8.
Octavia is not an actual character that plays an actual role in the show or movies does she? Shes merely a background pony, her single speaking role was in slice of life and only as a nod to fans, that’s it. Flash on other hand was supposed to be the supporting character of the movies if not one of the main characters, he completely failed his role and failed as an iteresting character, and does so more and more with each new movie, so your strawgrasping about how background ponies getting less shit from the people than flash is laughable.
Guess who has more free time guy that just passing by sees ridiculous drama and desides to trow in his 5 cents, or the guy who constantly whiteknights the character for days on end with walls of text with fierceness of defending his mothers honour?
Background Pony #3B1F
@Background Pony #B4E2  
Or, if I make an argument, I like to back it up with facts and evidence to prove my point. I don’t like to half ass my arguments.
Also, “worth of a character” is up to a matter of opinion. Octavia is a terrible character and who cares if she is removed from the show? What’s her character? Oh yeah, she’s pony-British (as of Slice of Life) and plays the cello (her character before season 5). Such an amazing character that one. Nah, let’s remove her and get a better character. Don’t make stupid arguments about something that is purely based on opinion.
And, who has more free time, the guy looking up pictures for a character he’s interested in or the guy looking up pictures for a character he hates? Surely, you are looking up pictures of characters you also like. Does that not mean you are spending more time by wasting time that way? Don’t go throwing stones at glass houses.
Background Pony #CD9B
I hope he’s getting paid for it, otherwise such bald and fierce defending of a charachter not even worth defending is ridiculous and idiotic. So much text, looks like dude have a lot of free time.
Background Pony #3B1F
Yeah, I don’t really give a damn what you say. You don’t want to be conviced even when evidence is laid out. Your argument, like many others is, “Nuh uh! He bad! He have no character! He bland! Those coincidences!”
And, there’s a difference between saying he DOES have characterization and saying he has GOOD characterization. They need to put him in more things to really show off his character but it still is hypocritical of the fanbase to harp on his character when most characterizations for a lot of the fanbase’s favorites are completely made up with nothing but a vague look or action to them.
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🔥Sunset is best girl🔥
@Background Pony #C35F  
jesus tap-dancing christ. why the hell do you give a damn? even the fucking writers gave up on him if the last movie was anything to go by. there’s literally nothing you’ve said that anybody who’s tried to convince everybody else that flash is some great fucking character he has. all you guys do is repeat yourselves over and over and over again and again the same arguments every single time.
Background Pony #3B1F
@Background Pony #6938  
Wow, this is some serious denial that Flash has a bit of an ego because that’s all I’m arguing.
The cafeteria song was before they grouped up to declare they’ll win. That is the point where every single one wants to win. Once they got with their bands - obviously already premade - we only heard Trixie and Flash say they personally deserved the win. The only other declaration of victory was by Apple Bloom who declared she, Sweetie, and Scootaloo would win. Other than that, we see Lyra and Bon still be really sweet together (plus hold back Muffin), and Snips and Snails still act like their usual duo.
I did not say that no one else was under the spell and I doubt those two were the only ones that thought more about themeself than their band, but they were the only ones shown that way. Trixie noteably acted the same way she does when she wasn’t reformed by Twilight which leads me to believe that it essentially supressed their nicer side and strengthened their competitive nature.
We see in Banner Day that Flash does in fact have a bit of an ego naming a song after himself (the only others being Trixie and Rainbow Dash and both of them have massive egos).
Just because he has an ego does not make him a bad guy. He might go in the mirror after styling his hair, “Yeah, Flash, your coolest guy I know” but that doesn’t mean he treats everyon bad. Rainbow Dash essentially goes, “Yup, I’m the most awesome” to herself all the time but is still cool with her friends and non-friends.
If it’s just to deny that Flash Sentry has characteristics based on the evidence I provided than you are just ignoring the fact that I’ve pulled multiple incidents to prove my claim not one scene wonders.
Flash is a nice, helpful guy who’s a bit self centered and egotistical. He tries to hard to be cool (if his voice actor is to be believed and considering the way they’ve built him up with the finger gun, “watch the hair comment”, leather jacket, etc. that makes him look like he’s trying too hard, I’m inclined to believe), but is actually a bit of a dork because of it. He’s a bit clumsy and somewhat above average intelligence. He can also be sarcastic.
That’s Flash’s entire character based on every single scene is in.
That’s more than Muffin’s, “she’s crossed eyed so she slower and very clumsy” that the fandom created. More than Scootaloo’s, “we haven’t seen her parents so she’s a homeless orphan” and then “she’s still an orphan” that people headcanon still. “Not all Changelings follow Chrysilis!” “Lyra wants to be a human!” “Octavia lives in Ponyville with Vinyl Scratch!” “Luna plays video games!” “Celestia is manipulating everyone to get the best possible outcome!” “Celestia is trolling everyone!” “Cadance is a thrill seeker!”
At least I’ve stuck to things that he did and acted like multiple times.
Background Pony #F5C4
@Background Pony #C35F  
Seriously, you’re just twisting and inventing things. During the cafeteria scene, everyone was spouting off with that “I can beat you! I want this!” attitude. There is nothing ‘notable’ about your observation.