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ment to be like an.. i dont care. why so overprotective? cuz i could hurt the uploaders feelings? on this website with an astonishing amount of pron for… well adults, im sure the uploader (an anon btw) can speak for himself and should be defintitly be old enough to handle critic. and, without wanting to be sound quite rude… well, look at the amount of downvotes. im not the only one who dislikes this image. i just made my dislike an a written form, rather than just pushing a button. i dont think that it makes a difference and i maybe, maaaybe i speak for others too. but saying that would be a little too much.

by that, i dont give a feather… and just carry on to spread my words of disliking stuff i dislike.
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I just want to die...
Let off steam in other ways, or at other places that would be more than willing to accept your dislike for the series. We don't tolerate critique-less negativity in comments when we have filters. If you don't like it, fine, you shouldn't look at it, as we don't want to see you complain about it.

i dont do this just for me. i do it for all your visitors and their wellbeeing. >stands proud infront of the waving flag of the stars and stripes, whilst a brass-band is playing the us-hymn.<

no, seriously, i really cant stand sanic and i like to rant about it and spread my oppinion. to let off steam about my hatred. o-o