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suggestive173210 artist:doomy269 fluttershy238400 bat pony64281 anthro316249 belly button95894 big breasts107144 black dress599 blushing239024 breast squish2289 breasts343900 busty fluttershy20996 choker17389 cleavage41042 clothes560107 dress53908 duality4941 evening gloves9789 female1605365 flutterbat7764 gloves25399 latex15706 little black dress279 long gloves7816 open-back dress119 panties57694 self ponidox9535 sideboob12658 symmetrical docking1404 underwear70936


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Consentacles and boobs!
(says the one obsessed with fluttershy/flutterbat… did i say obsessed? (likely just as much as chrysalislover))

@Evident Disaster
We’re certainly seeing both Fluts’ Hopes and Dreams, if you get where I’m coming from! :9
Flutty as Sheryl Nome? Would Sweetie Belle be Ranka Lee?! X3
But this pic of Light & Dark Fluts is exquisite. Seeing them both in those slinky & very revealing dresses turns me on & up to 11. If this was full-figured (and they already are, if ya catch my drift!), and they were also wearing high heels, then certain open spaces of muine would implode.
Celestia, but they are both Sex Incarnate here. :9
Evident Disaster
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)

Why don’t we have pictures like that of Sheryl Nome from Macross?  
I mean the bunny theme she had going on would work fairly well with Fluttershy’s duality.