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Background Pony #95D8
I don’t care what she said…don’t worry they’re save her and she’s not gonna die…and I know what you’re thinking…“easy for you to said, you’re life is not on the line” true…but for my friends…it is.  
they would crush that oversize worm and save alice…friendship is magic.  
sign count ziltromon
Background Pony #246E
I wish we had more episodes with this side of Discord because he has a good heart and they need to start showing that.
Background Pony #74CE
i know its against your style discord… but really… you should comfort her.. and i dont just mean by words… everyone knows actions speak louder than words so i dont need to explain… give her a hug, hold her close, tell her you are doing everything you can, your words are only helping a little, physical contact will help, sure, its not that way for everyone, but she seems fine with you touching her, so give it a shot, hold her, give her words of comfort, be there…
Background Pony #CEF3
Next page; his weaker side will win. And he pulls Alice into a confronting hug.
Also, how would those around him react when they find him showing emotion?
Background Pony #246E
“It’s not you’re life we’re talking about” Actually… His life his concerned, Hirudo was aiming at him at first.  
He probably feels terrible, since it would have been his life they were talking about, if Alice hadn’t intervened. I don’t know if any other pony would have taken that hit for him.
Background Pony #246E
Discord, Alice needs a big comfromting hug from a friend. Be that friend!
Background Pony #246E
Discord is well portrayed here, feeling a mix of emotions he even reacts annoyed or angry. He cares enough about Alice that it confuses him. And poor Alice she needs a hug.