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"Excuse me, young lady."
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Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
No, he pretty much never said anything, mostly lots of heavy breathing and looking disturbingly like a disembodied heart. But its totes okay, its just hair, and he has silly looking shoes, not creepy at all.

Remove the shoes and shave him and he's basically a beefier version of Ricardio.
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As she was about to escape with her loot, Twilight Sparkle felt a presence behind her.

He didn't move, he hardly breathed. He only said one thing.

"You know my price"

Oh yes, she knew this pseudothief's price. Double her catch, each time he caught her he wanted to get twice her earnings. The deal was that if she did, he wouldn't rat on her.

She didn't say a word. She lowered her one cookie and then slowly reached inside the jar.

After rummaging around in for a while she turned around and revealed two cookies to the pseudothief.

Without saying a word he picked them up with his magic.

"Thank you for your patronage."

As he walked away, Twilight picked up her cookie and thought for a bit. Would she be able to enjoy her cookie if he could enjoy both of his?

With that thought final thought she twisted her neck to the right and quickly launched the cookie in her mouth at the colt!

Bullseye, him right in the flank! Looks like both his cookies just hit the floor. Unfortunately so did Twilight's.

The pseudothief slowly turned backwards, he was obviously stunned at this turn of events. The look he was giving her was a mixture of anger and embarassment. It made her a little afraid, so she readied herself thinking that there was going to be a fight.

"I wasn't hungry anyways."

And with that he teleported out of the kitchen.

She was always jealous of how easily he was able to do that…

Twilight cleaned the three cookies off the floor and threw them in the bin but before she left she had a thought. He probably wasn't coming back and the cookie jar was already open.

It was probably safe to try again…

@Keith Mowz
Really? He always made me think of some sort of mascot for sneakers or something. And was he the stupid one who wanted to keep Bugs Bunny as a pet sometimes or was that another character?
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3-3/4" Army Man Fan
"Shame on you, Twily. You snuck into the kitchen, grabbed a cookie without permission from Mom…and you didn't ask me if I wanted one?"

Shining: Back to bed.
Twily: Just one. Please~
Shining: Okay. One. But only because that one's already slobbered.

Love their expressions.

why does Shining and Twi look like there is a way bigger age gap between them then there should be? Unless…. age regression on Twi?