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From the source:

Next pairing from the set with all my Next Generation canon couples! Featuring Bing Cherry x Princess Radiance.
Possibly the most unexpected romance to bloom because of their social lives and statuses difference, but that didn't stop them! They made it work! Radiance even proved to be a very hard worker and could make a living of the land if she had to. And Bing, well, thanks to Radiance he became self-aware of his terrible sloppiness and started taking showers by free will without any of his friends telling him to.

Here's a small fun fact! Despite her princess status Radiance doesn't wear her crown in public unless she has to, such as formal appearances or any other social event that requires her royal presence. And she likes to dress as casual as possible because she feels more comfortable that way.
safe1658235 artist:hazurasinner223 oc654980 oc only432722 oc:bing cherry8 oc:princess radiance14 human150205 hybrid17433 armpit hair456 armpits42333 female1321341 humanized98010 humanized oc2294 interspecies offspring6817 male357142 oc x oc14693 offspring36920 offspring shipping694 parent:big macintosh2955 parent:cheerilee401 parent:discord3073 parent:princess celestia2023 parents:cheerimac268 parents:dislestia890 shipping193969 straight131825


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