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safe1754631 artist:ncmares715 applejack173591 fluttershy217614 gummy5135 pinkie pie220535 rainbow dash238962 rarity185957 spike80599 twilight sparkle306624 alicorn233525 alligator1148 dark eldar23 earth pony267569 eldar81 ork83 pegasus310589 pony1014210 tau51 unicorn343912 assault cannon21 chainsword118 clothes477203 commissar103 costume28643 crossover63895 dakka18 death korps of krieg23 dreadnought61 female1405298 fire warrior23 gun16361 if that's okay with you50 imperial guard144 iron gob13 jetpack245 jump pack10 machine gun508 mane seven6687 mane six32637 mare503871 missile launcher70 monochrome152455 more dakka14 power armor1206 space marine542 squig3 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126364 warhammer (game)2144 warhammer 40k2067 weapon31489


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These are nice drawings. not familiar with the franchise, but I imagine they fit the factions/races they are in.
Hope the artist gets to do more crossover drawings like these, with the characters being under some character class.

Ok, this made my day. - But why does Rarity have to be a Dark Eldar? Wouldn’t just Eldar be better? And AJ in the Death Korps? Sadly, I can see that.
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I guess MLP fanon takes precedent over 40k fanon, and since Rarity has a reputation for being a domme (doesn’t exactly help that she’s semi-canonically had slaves), the dark eldar kinda fit.

Greed is Pure
Honestly I laughed because how hilarious this looked but at the same time stared in aw, at how cool they looked. Spike and Gummy are the best IMO.