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safe1678914 artist:fluffyxai542 fluttershy209809 twilight sparkle296990 alicorn219162 bat pony48268 pony941392 :t3726 apple15914 apple tree3057 bedroom eyes58092 belly button75685 chest fluff37647 colored pupils9419 covering crotch318 ear tufts465 eye contact6418 fangs24522 female1338314 female symbol52 flutterbat6787 frown22479 full moon3350 glowing eyes10915 grass9295 hug27685 imminent transformation27 lantern1562 lesbian95138 lidded eyes29875 looking at each other19443 mare467586 moon23066 nervous5561 night25679 outdoors9909 pictogram1921 shipping196579 signature23413 sitting61547 slit eyes4412 smiling240936 smirk12169 spread wings53134 sweat25603 sweatdrop3082 sweet apple acres2877 tree31428 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122257 twishy1269 winghug2843 wings101549 worried3809


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Background Pony #2170
See, that's a smart move. Turn the only one who can undo your transformation, then get the rest.
Background Pony #2E82
flutterbat:how about some sexto turn you into a bat, than turn everysingle mare into bats also and me be a king of bat lesbians hm?~