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insert your favourite rock here
safe1709188 artist:underpable865 limestone pie4947 marble pie6513 maud pie12482 pinkie pie216448 earth pony249755 pony970299 badass3272 band312 bracelet9453 choker12080 clothes460601 drums1055 ear piercing26426 earring21229 electric guitar983 epic1365 eyebrow piercing876 female1365678 flying v231 fuck yeah31 grin38662 guitar4982 hardcore86 heavy metal297 jewelry63981 mare481998 metal864 metal as fuck167 microphone5058 middle finger1142 musical instrument10518 necklace18850 pickelhaube164 pie sisters1230 piercing41286 pinkamena diane pie19129 punk2246 punkamena172 punkie pie134 rock farm528 shirt24997 spiked choker1606 spiked wristband1253 t-shirt4437 tattoo5567


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Sorry to resurrect a long dead section but I am shocked,


that nobody has posted this yet.
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brains named themselves
actually seeing the incorrect string numbers, it seems like marble borrowed a bass from les claypool or pinkie got an unique 5 string flying v bass that i dunno if it exists
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Expert glimmerposter
You know what? It's late at night, I have a slight headache, and I think that it's the perfect time to listen to some Slayer. So… Yeah. I'm gonna do that.