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safe1975100 artist:pancake-skunk5 rainbow dash259779 scootaloo55580 pegasus408381 pony1327466 animated113213 cute236923 cutealoo3456 dashabetes10997 duo119000 duo female20514 eyes closed121088 female1606712 filly85145 foal30018 folded wings13013 frame by frame4504 gif41530 hug33641 mare619970 scootalove1811 smiling332249 spread wings75736 traditional animation113 wings175948


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Hmmmmm, not quite how I figured. I was assuming that this BP was referring to this post when he/she was talking about traditional animation… (So that post was about how much he/she thought this was better than digital.)
Background Pony #CB2A
Traditional animation beats digital animation hands down any day.  
I don’t care what anyone else says.