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Custom TwilightxZecora kid for saurkin ~

Her name is Gematria, which is also the basis for Numerology and Geometry, Twilight's obvious name choice. More specifically, it's the process that assigns numerical value to a word or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or bear some relation to the number itself as it may apply to nature, a person's age, the calendar year, or the like.

However, her cutie mark is a Andinkra symbol for hardiness, toughness, and perseverance, which she earned when she realized she was a born leader, who could take her followers through anything.
safe1573875 artist:farewelldecency269 oc604036 oc only409318 alicorn194953 hybrid15176 pony844557 zebra alicorn59 zony744 alicorn oc21969 bust40621 interspecies offspring6350 magical lesbian spawn10699 offspring34323 parent:twilight sparkle7306 parent:zecora300 parents:twicora16 portrait28536 solo972012 wings75707


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