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safe1688432 artist:lumineko2792 limestone pie4917 marble pie6438 maud pie12366 pinkie pie214463 equestria girls197824 hearthbreakers1196 :34453 bed40288 blushing194533 cute197174 dark4489 diapinkes9737 equestria girls interpretation562 equestria girls-ified9482 excited2960 eyes closed91391 female1346477 grin37585 heart47609 implied marblemac42 implied shipping4924 implied straight5328 lamp2605 limabetes229 male366589 marblebetes580 maudabetes473 pie sisters1222 scene interpretation8462 shivering2063 sleeping23214 smiling243216 trembling683


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Waifu Hoarder
I'm imagining what it would be like sleeping in a bed like this… and I can't help but feel really sorry for whoever's at the other end since I'm probably kicking them in my sleep.