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Commission from dcencia over on deviantART.
suggestive134945 artist:digitaldomain123745 rarity175696 spike76552 blushing185995 commission60991 digital art15758 drool23555 female1302565 foalcon17491 kiss mark1027 kissing23420 lip bite10992 lipstick10350 lipstick fetish367 male350175 shipping191188 size difference13168 sloppy kissing1566 sparity6415 straight129734 straight shota1242 sweat24671


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Background Pony #AF79
I'm surprised DD hadn't done this one yet, what with his apparent love of size differences and all. I'm certainly a fan of this one. I bet their relationship would involve a lot of kissing.
Crimson Prose
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Gore Fics For Fun
From the thumbnail I thought she was gnawing on his head.

Also I think in this situation he would have already came on her face twice.