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…Yeah, that happened.

safe1751819 artist:andypriceart3120 king sombra14238 princess celestia96815 princess luna100822 queen chrysalis35491 radiant hope538 alicorn233092 changeling49875 pony1011704 idw15471 siege of the crystal empire220 spoiler:comic10753 spoiler:comic3567 chrysalis laughs at your misery16 female1403012 frown23600 glare8305 gritted teeth13258 laughing8310 male388442 mare502758 meme origin451 official comic2472 petrification994 rearing5871 smiling261404 spread wings57152 stallion115889 statue2404 wide eyes17410


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Really hated this bit.
Luna could have helped with Sombra reforming due to her experiences with darkness before.
But nope, just shafted like this..
At least this arc is retconned though, so one less failure on the sisters’ track records to worry about.
Though while Sombra’s reformation was pretty nice, there could have been stuff that could have been done better for it though.

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go more adds discoshy

i have to deal with time, complete the story, i don’t mean that perfect story, but backstory sombra and radiant hope need processing time… that one season 5 (the mane attraction) rara i know that l am very satisfied, now the comics fate sombra and radiant hope in siege of the crystal empire are also very satisfied…

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To The Gulag

@Background Pony #A8E9

Still better than how it happened to them in the movie.

That isn’t particularly fair. Seeing as how the movie had the whole thing being a surprise attack with a new threat, and the comics had it with an established threat that had been around numerous times beforehand.

Background Pony #7452

The worst part of this that Cadance easily coulda tipped the scales completely here.

Sighs. personally i know these people have the competence in them. But they seem too lazy to actually write worth a fuck these days.


The what in the where

Wow, all this fuzz over a single word, I though this sort not thing only happened with the likes of the tumblr crowd… oh wait!

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You’re getting the short answere:
The rule doesn’t ask for that. it doesn’t matter how offended or not the “victim” feels. The offense happened either way.

And now I must ask you politely to stop this silly discussion about basically nothing.

Background Pony #A8C9

Having seen the comment, I’d say deleting it was the right call. Even if ARchy4288 himself wasn’t offended by it, it was still rude and insulting, and detrimental to the tone of the conversation. If you’d been banned for that comment, you’d have a legitimate complaint, IMHO, but stop whining about one of your deathless bon mots being lost to the internet forever.

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others can judge too you know. All I’m telling you is this, there’s no mistake, you’re not the first comment that I’ve ever deleted after all and even if it’s not the worst ever, it’s still rule 0. Making a song and dance about it might get you into more trouble, because, again, that happened before too with other people, where as being mature and admitting a simple mistake is a lot better.