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Part 2 of a 2-commission deal

Alternate source
safe1677055 artist:digitaldomain123747 princess celestia93840 queen chrysalis34289 spike77844 alicorn218826 changeling46037 changeling queen15617 dragon54499 pony939774 princess molestia3193 bedroom eyes58028 blushing192731 chryspike97 commission65406 digital art17725 eyeshadow15060 female1336921 femdom7932 heart47135 kiss mark1086 kiss on the cheek1715 kiss sandwich200 kissing24156 lipstick10834 lipstick fetish373 lucky bastard1696 makeup20678 male362844 mare466793 open mouth140203 shipping196355 smiling240529 spike gets all the mares753 spikelestia243 straight133480


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Background Pony #CBDC
I don't see how the two of them kissing each other is any more boring than the two of them kissing spike, but to answer your question; Me.