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YONA — She's All Yak Being Cute!

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Bed-hair Octavia playing her instrument furiously.
safe1675941 artist:nimbostratus7 octavia melody23502 earth pony237624 pony938665 10023 background pony10141 bed mane707 bipedal33401 bowtie9833 cello2509 eyes closed90039 featureless crotch6743 female1335962 frown22445 get361 headbang219 hilarious in hindsight3132 hoof hold8104 index get278 mare466174 messy mane7597 milestone792 morning ponies1423 musical instrument9217 simple background383504 solo1043524 standing11715 white background95111


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Background Pony #315B
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I'm imagining she partied with Vinyl the night before, and forgot she was suppose to perform on this day, then her unkempt look skyrockets her to stardom.