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Wrestling thread

Started by icey wicey 1517
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I really wish Cesaro would have won.

Claudio Castagnoli should be in NJPW, I said it since 5 Years already! His Amazing Talent get wasted in this Shithole of a Company period, Vince is a Old Senile Moron…. sighs in Disgust

By the way Raw was as usual a Big Thumbs Down this week, the only true Positive was Bray Wyatt’s Appearence as the Fiend. SummerScam 2019 looks not so good right now, I already can say NXT Takeover Toronto, G1 Climax 29 Finals & especially AEW’s All Out Event will be the far better Shows in August! ;)

#RAWSucks #SaveUsAEW #CesaroDeservesBetter #PushCesaro #ClaudioCastagnoliToNJPW #PunkWasRight
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@Background Pony #6DE2
You act like AEW will be the savior, but their last show was good but had a ton of problems. Brandi sucks as a wrestler.

Yeah one Match at Fight For The Fallen wasn’t Good, Brandi should be a Valet only in my Opinion.

Alex Marvez isn’t made for Pro Wrestling Commentary, his Voice just doesn’t have the fittable Energy for It. Joey Styles, Tony Schiavone or CM Punk needs to take his Place eeyup! :)

Everything else on the Show was from Fine to very Damn Good, so it was a Fun Event overall no question!

All Out looks Incredible already, Omega vs Moxley, Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers in a Ladder Match, Hangman Page vs Chris Jericho to crown the first Ever AEW World Champion, Cody Rhodes vs Shawn Spears, Best Friends vs Dark Order, Awesome Kong vs Aja Kong & possibly The Real Best in the World appearing for the biggest Pop & Ovation of this entire Decade? Sounds like the Wrestling Show of the Summer to me(besides Takeover Toronto & G1 Climax 29 Finals) heh! ;)

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@Background Pony #6DE2
No, I meant Adam Page, my bad

Oh I see XD Yeah Adam Page vs Kip Sabian was a bit Slow Paced, but I still thought it was Fine for what it was. It definetly didn’t come close to that Fantastic Omega/CIMA Bout obviously hehe! :)

#AEW #AllEliteWrestling #FightForTheFallen

I have one curious Question for you, what would you say if MJF comes out to Cult of Personality at the All Out Event? Wouldn’t that fit to his Persona as "The Salt of the Earth"? ;)

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I wish more people cared about New Japan. Not just whatever Moxley is doing there. The match with Ishii was awesome, definitely. But it’s not the only amazing match of the tournament so far. There’s been Jay White/Goto, Jay White/Ishii, Ospreay/Ibushi, KENTA/Tanahashi, EVIL/SANADA, SANADA/ZSJ Taichi/Shingo, Naito/Goto, Cobb/Ishii, ZSJ/Tanahashi, Ospreay/Lance Archer, Ospreay/Okada.

Also, AEW fans can be really obnoxious sometimes. Dragon Gate’s biggest show is happening tommorow, and there are people showing up in threads just to say that PAC should drop the belt. They clearly don’t care about Dragon Gate. They just want PAC "free" to do stuff with AEW. It’s annoying because I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of Dragon Gate a whole lot, and PAC is a massive asset to them.
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@Background Pony #6DE2
That would be amazing, tremendous heat, despite Paul Heyman already doing it in 2014.

The Difference would be that MJF is completly shitting & make a Mockery out of the Audience at All Out XD

Heyman in 2014 was doing it to accomplish that the Crowd gets Calm & Chill, getting the CM Punk Chants out of the Way(what didn’t really Work, because the Crowd still chanted for Punk throughout the entire March 3rd Episode of Raw back in 2014 LOL). :)

If MJF does come out to Cult of Personality at All Out, you know People are going to say "His Music was used on the Show? That means CM Punk to AEW is truely Confirmed!" XD :D

#AEW #AllEliteWrestling #AllOut #CMPunkToAEW?

Ishii Vs Jon Moxley was fucking awesome! I wouldn’t mind Ishii being IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

My List of Wrestlers that deserve a IWGP Heavyweight Title Run, Tomohiro Ishii is on the Top of that List, just like Ibushi aswell! :)

#njpw #KingOfSports
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Honest Question for all of You, does AEW need CM Punk? Can his Aura & Presence help AEW getting more of a Edge in Terms of Mega Hype going to TNT in October? :D

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@Background Pony #6DE2
Well it isn’t like hiring aged, past their prime egotists with personality disorders and giving them all the attention at the expensive of younger talent has ever hurt WWE.

The Difference is that Punk doesn’t have that whatsoever, he would be excited to get True Pro Wrestlers over with his Abilities(Storytelling, Promos, Psychology etc.) no question! I mean him standing up for Guys like Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Chris Hero, Mercury etc. proves that period!

Vince & his Corporate Goons on the other Side can’t help Themselves then to push Old Guys/Part Timers on TV for WM Season over & over again, not to forget of course pushing Pathetic Agendas(cough Boreman Drains, Blonde Women etc.).

Fact is CM Punk would be a Huge Positive for AEW to have in their Existence, Guys like Moxley & Jericho are Great & all, but Punk would bring that last Important/Meaningful Impact to the Promotion no doubt in my Mind. :D

#AEW #AllEliteWrestling #CMPunkToAEW? #BestInTheWorld #BITW #VoiceOfTheVoiceless #SecondCitySaint #KingOfTheIndies #sXeMessiah #SweetRevenge
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Here is the list of all the 24/7 title changes that took place tonight.

Drake Maverick beats R-Truth

Pat Patterson beats Drake Maverick

Gerald Brisco beats Pat Patterson

Kelly Kelly beats Gerald Brisco

Candice Michelle beats Kelly Kelly

Alundra Blayze beats Candice Michelle

Ted DiBiase buys the title from Alundra Blayze

Drake Maverick beats Ted DiBiase

R-Truth beats Drake Maverick
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As expected Raw was Godawful this week, possibly even Worse than the Raw 25th Anniversary LOL!

I couldn’t tell any Positives out of this Show except maybe Wyatt/Fiend & Austin still able to pull off a Nice Promo, that speaks Volumes.

WWE doesn’t Deserve CM Punk, he would fit beautifully in AEW to get Sweet Revenge on this Dumpsterfire of a Main Roster Product hehe! :D

#RAWSucks #SaveUsAEW #PunkWasRight #CMPunkToAEW
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