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I think Outlast was one of the worst offenders of that. There was about a billion ways to get the fuck out of there in the early stages, but the dumbfuck just had to go for the front door.
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Finished Dragon Quest 8 3DS, hooray. Now to do post-game next time, and get the alternate ending. Before I grind a bunch of levels, first, of course.
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And remember, locked doors can’t EVER be broken down. No matter if it’s just a little latch lock on the door handle, if shit’s locked, it’s locked until you find the key.

I wonder if any game devs have tried to break out of that archetype by now? Like your protagonist encounters a locked door and they’re like "OH WELL! SMASH!"
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Except at one point the only thing keeping you from escaping the is a wood mesh wall on a second floor balcony hallway. All that’s stopping you is a barrier you can break with your bare hands and a 10 foot drop.
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Oh yeah, I played Oregon Trail last night for the first time.

About halfway through, I decided to blaze through the game. Grueling speed, rarely stopping, yadda yadda.

Somehow I made it to the end with nobody dying. My score was, like, 6000.
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I’m fine with air glide kills for a riven mod. Hell, I’m fine with a Hobbled Key thrown into the mix. But why the hell does it have to be headshot kills? And before you ask it’s for a pistol mod.
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If you want to cheese it, pick survival and go to the grineer asteroid tileset and get one one of the narrow metal walkways. Add a bunch of punchthrough and voila
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