Tokusatsu Thread (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman and the likes)

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Dex Stewart
I just watched the new Ninja Steel episodes.My favorite part was where Victor dresses up as Errol Flynn and refers to a bent arrow as his "Angular Dangular". The gold ranger really liked hamburgers,which I only just now realized is probably a reference to his Japanese counterpart.
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Phantom Rider
@Dex Stewart
I like him but was disappointed that he didn’t start out bad. There’s a little footage that could have been used for it. We didn’t get much mileage out of Odious having the gold star.

We’re not getting any new episodes for months now if it’s going to be like the Dino Charge seasons. Le sigh.

(And I’d assumed that Gold would be Brody’s brother. Since it’s not, now I really wonder what will have become of him.)
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This is one of the things that never made sense to me with Time force, humans can just be turned into robots.
I can forgive Frax as they told us of how Dr. Fericks replaced his body, even if he should be a cyborg ifpart of his human body is still there but I’m not bothers by that.
But this plan to turn all the propel into robots with a drink… wut.
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Starlight has best faces

Oh god, ESPECIALLY Samurai and Super Samurai…

Really hope no one in the chat makes any jokes about that… Oh who am I kidding, they totally will.
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Dex Stewart
"Oh,hate.Theres a subject I know very well indeed.Humans Rejected your father and taught him to hate,then he destroyed me and soon I was filled with hatred as well.It’s a vicious cycle that never ends,Nadira!"
"But,I’m not sure if I hate humans."
"Ha!Don’t make me laugh.You’re an evil mutant with a heart as black as coal just like father,now get out of my sight,you sicken me!"

from my own memory,that’s one of my favorite scenes in all of PR.
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