The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

Background Pony #B02E
This fandom kind of does have a pedo problem. Didn't you hear about the BronyCon security staff member that got exposed for trying to groom 4 underaged girls?
Background Pony #B02E
It was shortly after BronyCon 2019 ended. One of BronyCon's security staff members, GrizzlyTheMedic, was exposed of sending messages, trying to do ERP-ing with, sent pornography to, and tried to hit on four underaged girls who planned on going to BronyCon.

The news has been going around lately, from Horse News, to FNGR, to others like Vida, LioConvoy85, and Patchwork Heart. And while many people are speaking up, BronyCon themselves, and their chairmans, Josh Dean and ShirGoldbird are being called out for refusing to make any statement regarding a pedo in their security staff.

Along with that, info also came out that LioConvoy did report Grizzly's actions to the admin's of BronyCon's Discord server, but the server banned him for "inciting drama and for attention," even though this is about a pedo in their security staff.
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@Background Pony #2CAB
Okay now that raises a few questions.

1. How old exactly were those girls?
2. Why didn't the news go to the authorities instead of first being sent to drama chasers if this was an actual thing?
3. Why are the Discord server staff and actual staff covering for this person?
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@Burger King Leonidas
1. Ages range from 14 at the youngest to 16 or 17 at the oldest. One of the girls he tried to groom was Mint Heart, who was considering going to BC but ended up not going (which was for the best.)

2. Because the info was reported on BC's Discord server while the con was ongoing, but again, admins thought the info was 'inciting drama' and banned the user who reported it. And from what I've heard, action is currently being taken against Grizzly since the pedo was not very good at keeping their personal information public. His name's out there, he was dumb enough to post his driver's license on Instagram completely uncensored, and it turns out he works for public services like the Fire Department.

3. It's unknown why BC staff didn't believe the evidence, or why they refuse to make any public statement about it. My guess is that since the con's over, it's not their problem, even though the silence and refusal to make any statement is only resulting in people seeing them as incompetent of making sure con-goers, especially children, are safe attending these conventions, all because this info will damage the fandom's reputation.

It also doesn't help with the fact that another person publicly calling them out was BC's founder, Purple Tinker. And since this came out, only 3 of the MLP Conventions have made public statements condemning Grizzy and blacklisting him from their conventions, which are Vanhoover Pony Expo, SeaBronies, and TrotCon.
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@Background Pony #2CAB
Okay so it ranges from legal by European/Canadian standards to pre-teen. Yeah that's no good. Like if it was just the 16-17-year-olds then maybe I could let it slide but younger than that and there is no defense for that.
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@Burger King Leonidas
So right now, it looks like Grizzly's actions will result in consequences as his employers will be informed about what he did, and 3 MLP conventions have condemned and blacklisted him from those conventions.

And meanwhile, BronyCon and their current chairmans now have some bad PR in their hands for staying silent about the topic and refuse to do what those three conventions have already done.

Sorry to double post but here is something that feels talk worthy.

Why is Twelve Forever transphobic? It's a metaphor for puberty?

It plays a woman having a deep voice as a joke, and then makes the claim that she represents “confusion.” As if women with deep voices are “confused.”

This isn’t something like Transcendent, where the deep voice is the jumping off point and tweaking a transphobe who won’t control his kids’ sexual harassment is the punchline. The joke starts and ends with “lol woman with deep voice.”

And here’s the rub:


Have you guys ever noticed that a “metaphor for puberty” always seems to accompany hyper-sexualized designs and lingering shots on a feminine figure? There’s never jokes about cracking voices, or body odor, or cramps. No, it’s always how a feminine body becomes more curvy and how that causes Feelings™ and Power™.

“Metaphor for puberty” is sounding a lot more like “she breathes through her skin.”

I wasn’t born yesterday. This is pure fucking perviness. The creators of these shows are pervs and they like finding excuses to draw ass-shots because they’re horny pervs. But rather than make a 14-A show where they can be as pervy as they like, they shovel it into a children’s show with pretensions toward being About Something™ so they can be perverts in front of kids.

Sex Ed is handled in school for a reason. Saturday Morning cartoons are not the place for it. These people are just trying to have their cake and fuck it too. They’re looking for a cheeky wank while telling themselves it’s more than just a cheeky wank.

I mean the Crewniverse has openly admitted that they’re not bothered by porn of the SU characters because “What they make is a lot worse.” They just admit to making wank material on Cartoon Network’s dime. And the avalanche of cartoon producers either treating child pornography as a light-hearted goof, or having made it themselves makes all of this more and more disturbing.

You can’t look at all of that and then tell me that “The Butt Witch” has no connection to it whatsoever. You can’t actually tell me, that after years of creators making excuses about “empowerment” or “realism” to justify making female characters constantly have their tits hanging out that the excuse of “it’s a metaphor” actually means anything.

You can’t be that fucking naive.

Says the person who used the term Mating Bond and was ticked off that people took it as a sexual sounding thing.

@Bizarre Tibetan Sand Fox

All I can think to say is that she possibly thinks Gypsy is a slur or something.

I don't feel like double posting but here is Lily bringing up an oldie.

…Why did Earth want to nuke the Val'kyr? What could the Val'kyr possibly have done to Earth?

They were there and that’s what Earth does

Someone on Kiwi Farms brought this up.

If I recall they showed up unannounced and didn't do anything to suggest they weren't hostile. And Earth wound up being right cause the Val'Kyr destroyed Earth.

For more context the USA (because with Lily it is always the USA) sent like 12 or 13 Nukes at the Val'kyr mother ship and did a lot of damage and the Val'kyr wiped out all life on earth because of one country because edge lord.

Again don't feel like double posting.

Would teenagers (16 and up) having sex with other teens their age in literature be a bad thing? Like, would it be considered unnecessary sexualization of teens?

Conceptually, no.

If you’re writing sex scenes for them, yes.

Let’s clear something up right now: If you think you need that sex scene, you don’t. Stop being weird and write like a normal person.

because apparently sex isn't normal everyone I mean I though sex was a normal thing? Then again she could be making jabs at cis teenagers more specific cis teenage males. Because we all know how much she hates straight people.

(edit) saw a couple of things that seemed talk worthy.

I like how in the screencap she is telling people to grow up and realize how this is the real world when she still thinks Josh is the bad guy for ending their friendship. Now that I think about it this whole screencap seems to be other Glass of Water that most likely might be a jab at Silver Quill along with other famous bronies and Pegasisters because Bronies and Anime seem to be the only fandoms she'll whine about because of the pedo themed fanfics and fanart because she sure doesn't seem to care about the pedo problem she keeps speaking of. Speaking of Josh.

The no drama mentality has been spreading all over so many fandoms lately. It's almost hilarious how adults with big audiences cry bullying when a handful of people even so much as dare to tell them what they're doing is damaging/problematic. Teens who speak are mostly the ones forced to shut up too and gaslit into thinking they're the reason why fandoms are messed up.

I will never forget how a massive crybaby threatened to sue me because I told him to stop posting videos with pedophiles in them.

Yeah the videos that where made before Toon was outed and the videos which where only posted so the rest of that D&D session would be seen and over with and where clearly not going to work with him any more. Oh wait I forget they didn't do it the Lily way my bad everyone. Also maybe if you didn't keep slandering Josh then maybe you wouldn't of had that being sued threat over your head. Speaking of which as Kiwi Farms has pointed out Lizzy and Josh have moved on with their lives and seem pretty happy. Yet, You think your the happy one Lily what with your constant bringing them up all the time to insult them?

Saw this on Kiwi Farms.

In fact, despite that I still wouldn’t call them Mary Sues. Characters like Rey and Anakin and Revan are characters that Star Wars is built around. Force Users are intended to be powerful, even when they aren’t fully trained. This is par for the course. You know who the real Mary Sues are? The Voidhound. Cipher Nine. Meteor. That chick with the Pretentious Karate. Basically any instance where a ‘Badass Normal’ shows up and wipes the floor with Force Users for pretty much no reason other than the lulz. The characters that are made by aging baby boomers who haven’t quite internalized that nobody likes Boba Fett as much as they do.

— Glass of Water — Darth Rey-van
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