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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

Started by Lord Seraph
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He liked Cardcaptor Sakura? I shouldn’t be surprised considering one of the characters is a preteen lesbian who has a crush on Sakura.

He’ll have one of his hive sisters flyby this board and they’ll ask for clarification on this exact topic… I’m calling it right here! He’ll deny it upside down!
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Y'all are stupid!
What could make peet create enough guts to prove how right he is? Come on peet, show your teeth. Stop hiding in the shadows and let’s have a polite conversation and then you can prove how right you are. Let’s go, i’m just an autist latin-american, you can easily beat me
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Remember the only horrible white people are white men and Republicans. So yeah she would deny the horrors other countries did.


I think Peet’s twitter has been put back on privet ever since Brittany leaked those chats her and Peet had before their friendship ended.
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Here are some Peet archives


anonymous asked:
So is there a reason Twilight is such a blind zealot in Siege?

Irony. Twilight is trying really hard to find a “Friendship Solution” to the war, but Equestria’s friendship with Ascentia is the main reason the Val’kyr are even on her planet in the first place.

That IS the Friendship Solution: Big friends.

Said big friends who killed all life on planet Earth because of your unhealthy hate of America. XD


shadowivywood asked:
Is the movie any good? I fell out of watching the show(blame Starlight) but I haven’t seen any of her in clips. Need a good opinion on its quality

It’s alright. C+

Netflix it.

Peet is the last person I would want to listen to any sort of opinion on and Peet you want to be a bit more specific.


anonymous asked:
So who needs to die first, Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump?

Trump. You can kill him and move on with your day. If you kill Kim Jon Un, you end up throwing North Korea into anarchy that can have potentially devastating consequences not only for them but for South Korea, Japan, and China.

Yeah because the USA president dying will not cause any sort of backlash? You heard it here everyone the real

dictator needs to live but Peet’s boogeyman has to die. Such flawless logic Peet no wonder people are always

calling you out. XD


anonymous asked:
Why is it when I say I hate hunters (the ones that do it just to fucking murder and animal) I’m the bad guy??

Hunters are surprisingly defensive for people who’s primary hobby requires aggression. Especially sport hunters.

That’s one of the things me and vegans agree on: Sport hunters are just the fucking worst.

Wow so even hunters tick off Peet. So let me get this straight not only are Bronies worse then the SU fandom but

so are hunters. Oh and jeez I wonder why people would be defensive for attacking them for no good reason.


krellak asked:
Whenever I hear people say Socialism doesn’t work they often point to Venezuela as an example and other states where socialism has failed. I like to think that the structure of a government is irrelevant to a societies success because ultimately it’s the peoples responsibility. Do you know of any countries where socialism is successful

Canada and most of Europe

Where is the whiting knighting for North Korea at Peet?


anonymous asked:
If the writers of the Cutie Map had indeed gone down the route you suggested, having the ponies of that town all share each others talents, what kind of argument do you think Twilight and the others would have had to give to convince them it wasn’t a better way than the rest of Equestria?

I can’t think of one. But that’s explicitly because I throw away arguments that don’t hold up to opposition.

Oh I am sure someone smarter then me will be able to tear apart your idea.


anonymous asked:
Hey lily, someone send me this "Do you understand that most of the hunters in blue states are democrats? 51% of people in rural areas own guns. 22% of democrats own guns." Is that true?

I fail to see why it’s relevant regardless.

Because if the next shooting happens by a Democrat you’ll get ticked off at people calling them a terrorist and

then say that was clearly a plan by the right and then whine more about how the USA needs better gun control with

out giving any ways the USA could improve on their gun control.
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