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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

Started by Selaphiel
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Y'all are stupid!
Could derped post what we said on his tumblr? I mean, for all we know peet is acting a lot like hitler, not to mention he (i’m tired of using ’she’) was happy when a jew, i mean, a normal person was hurted by an sjw (hey angrybrony, i didn’t mentioned milo so now you can actualy give a crap about alt-left also being human trash). Yep, peet is hitler and his white knights are the brainwashed germans
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Just checking in.

(Looks at the past few pages)

Yep, she’s still awful. Nothing new here. And now she’s writing terrible fanfics with blatant self-insert OCs too.
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Yep OC’s that can only be beat by using smarts because for some reason Peet thinks anime characters would be unable

to fight strategically. Oh and also the OC’s are good guys but they do horrible things like brainwashing.
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Eh, only in colour scheme to be honest, which I believe was the reason for marble=octavia and photo finish=rainbow dash headcanons. I will admit from the equestrian design onwards he at least tries to give a bit more variation between designs.
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Here are a few Peet related archives.


So Tempest Shadow, or Fizzlepop Berrytwist, or as I’ve started calling her: Starbright Dimmer…
— Glass of Water – Snap, Crackle, Fizzlepop


Some People Writing Stories That Feature Sex Workers: Gross and Abusive Porn

Some Other People Writing Stories That Feature Sex Workers: Serious and Depressing examination of real life

Me Writing Stories That Feature Sex Workers: "Asy, don’t publicly announce that you’re taking a sick day! I swear you could hear everyone’s ass snap shut!"


anonymous asked:
Same anon – I mean things like prejudice and bigotry, basically inconsiderate things that might hurt someone’s feelings

Entitlement. People interpret Free Speech as some kind of green card to do whatever they want, and there are a lot of very insecure people who never grew out of the “You can’t tell me what to do, Mom!” phase of their lives. So they will spit out whatever garbage they can think of if they even get the slightest whiff that someone somewhere might want to “control” them.

It’s one of the reasons so many people vote conservative despite being burned by their policies: Their biggest priority is not the economy, policy, or foreign relations. It’s making liberals mad. Even if they’re losing, they will interpret someone being offended as some kind of victory.

It is a pathology for only the saddest.

Funny how you mentioned people that never got out of the "you can’t tell me what to do’ phase because Peet you are also that person.


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Is there anywhere we can read Stockholm?

None of my stories are available for the public. I write them for fun, as as such they have fragmented stories and self-retconning elements that would need to be ironed out for public consumption. That is more headache than I want to put in.

In other words she knows she had questionable content in Stockholm and knew more people would call her out for her hypocrisy.


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Has anyone ever been annoying when it comes to introducing them to WoW?

One person mentioned they were thinking about trying out World of Warcraft, and then proceeded to flood me with questions about it for months.

Whenever I said that the starter edition is free and answered all of this, they would just make excuses to not download it. Needless to say by the end I was answering every question with “Just play the fucking trial.”

Oh look everyone more lies about Brittany.
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apparently, she hates the "turned evil because I lost friend" thing. I also remembered her referring tempest as "edgy luna", my other guess is because she hates heel-face turns in a show about friendship.
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Because she got a sad backstory and Peet also doesn’t like how MLP:FIM keeps on redeeming their villains. As a

matter of fact here is something I linked to a while back showing how Peet doesn’t understand how trauma works.

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Something I’ve been sitting on for a while.

Remember how Jerry doesn’t like the show’s episodes that feature a lot of lore? Like the Season 7 finale that he despised.

I just noticed something tho. The show LITERALLY started with episodes of lore. The whole show is basically lore about Equestria, with slice of life episodes inbetween. This show is about pastel horses having adventures and stories.
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