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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

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here is an archive from Kiwi Farms.


to bring up a point JD from Kiwi Farms made funny how people parroting Mr.Enter are bad yet Lily Peet parroting Anita is okay aka Peet is being just as guilty as Mr.Enter fans only it is bad when Enter fans do it.
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I think in a post someone put up her a long time ago. Apparently Peet had got suspended from School so much

apparently they started to get numb to it. So who knows about her parents. So for all we know her parents didn’t

do crap or eventually gave up trying to do any sort of parenting for Peet as she was growing up.
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I honestly do not know. I can only assume she did but we are also talking about a woman who acts like an overgrown

child only it feels insulting to children because at least kids have the excuse they are still growing.
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I think someone brought up a long time ago is that Peet speaks so matter of fact that it brings people in

something that has also been pointed out a lot is that Peet sometimes brings up good points which don’t matter

seeing as Peet says to much egotistical and stupid things that only her white knights listen to every word she

says as truth. We also have to remember that she brings up social issues a lot so people think she is on the up

and up. Since we also know Peet knows how to bring people to her side no matter how wrong she is. She also likes

appealing to emotions. Like how she tried to make AnimeChristy look 100% in the wrong.
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This video is off topic but who else can see Peet focusing more on Mr. Enter making jabs at the YouTube

Advertiser friendly rules then anything else Mr. Enter said in the video? Are do you guys think Peet could find

something else to complain about in this review?
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Background Pony #4A46

Considering Peet took everything Mr. Enter said out of context and at face value (and maybe just because one of her fans said it and she didn’t look at it) she’ll find a way. I mean she says Mr. Enter removes the humanity from people, but she goes ahead and says Non-white and/or non-male people who voted Trump/ are Republican are "useful idiots."

Also she says South Park is problematic but unironically like Family Guy.

Also that rape jokes are bad but makes murder "jokes" about republicans.

Also that people are disgusting for "celebrating a feminist being murdered" but celebrated when a Trump supporter got stabbed.

Also that pictures are not good evidence and are always doctored when used against her but never provides her own evidence/uses pictures as evidence herself in her videos.

Should I go on?

The long and short of it for the Mr. Enter situation (this is mostly for Kiwi Farms) is that Enter admitted that he (and others) have said they’d rather be raped than be accused of it because of current societal reactions to accusations especially when the accused is male. He goes on a long rant of why he and others feel this way (social pariah, ability to get a job because of it). He was also saying why many statistics like the 1 in 5 women are raped on campus thing are bullcrap and how you shouldn’t reduce people to statistics (which is ironic considering Peet is the one accusing Enter of removing humanity). Also too there’s another part like what males have to go through like paying their rapist for child support if they conceive a child (all of this not in order but that’s what I remember – and with that in mind take it with a grain of salt because I may be misremembering).

Whether you like Mr. Enter or not, he’s not the one stripping humanity here. Peet is just because she can’t get out of her echo chamber and face the reality that men have problems that many people aren’t addressing (or in the case of her precious "feminism" are actively trying to stop from being addressed).
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here is a comment chain from Glass of Water-Troopes VS Ida Davis. Feel free to use this as a discussion starter.

Rima Rolyat4 days ago
The problem I still have with Family Guy is that It Makes Fun of Bigots, but Bigots Find it Validating. Because Bigots don’t think critically on their own, they don’t see the nuance, thus The Show just feeds their behavior. It’s a great show in theory and for critical viewers, but in practice, unless you have some common sense about you (which many people don’t actually have) it’s effect on people is just a single step down from South Park.

Lily Peet
Lily Peet2 days ago
Bigots also found All in the Family validating despite it throwing endless amounts of derision at them.
Some people think Twilight Sparkle is an autistic character despite showing no symptoms.
Some people think Alone at Sea is an accurate portrayal of abuse despite it being Screams of Silence with less catharsis and more crying.

At what point does it stop being the show’s fault and start being the viewer’s fault for being a fucking idiot?

Rima Rolyat
Rima Rolyat2 days ago
Lily Peet Fair enough, but I’d say it becomes the show’s fault when a majority of its audience doesn’t understand it’s true message, and it feeds said majority’s shitty behavior and beliefs. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are if the impact of your actions are continuously harmful. Because I can tell you that when I was uneducated and transphobic, I knew a lot of people who watched Family Guy, and not a single one found Ida subversive. Instead, we all bonded over our transphobia, thought Brain’s vomiting scene was hyperbolic, but justified, and laughed at Ida not Brian. And I doubt that’s a unique experience from watching the episode. The show just doesn’t encourage you to think critically, it encourages you to laugh, which makes it very easy to take what they say and do at face value if you’re ignorant. Which again, most people are.

So I’ll pose a question for you, If "Glass of Water" was genuinely popular with reactionaries making up the majority of your audience, and if every episode you made encouraged the thousands of them watching to continue being reactionary scum, would you be fine with that? Would you continue making content that encouraged genuinely harmful behaviour just because you still had the last laugh?

Lily Peet
Lily Peet2 days ago (edited)
You don’t need to What If that concept, that actually happened. In my early days of Youtube I had a series extremely similar to Glass of Water simply titled "RVI." I got the wake up call to finally axe the series when Youtube’s "similar channels" panel showed Thunderfoot, Mundane Matt, and Armored Skeptic. Being compared to actual human garbage by a system that is incapable of lying tends to kick your ass in gear.

And early episodes of Glass of Water were often neutral enough on topical issues that there was no shortage of people going "Lol, sounds like Tumblr" anytime I talked about ignorant people. So my response was to become more direct and more obvious about who my actual targets were (hence my whole "Fuck Conservatives" attitude and my open distaste for apathetic "moderates"). A tonal shift that saw a 1,500 subscriber drop as those same people abandoned my channel in droves (and good riddance).

The kicker is, there are still reactionaries who follow my work. Even when I’ve openly declared that the world would be better if they weren’t breathing. Some people really are just that fucking stupid, and will stick around even when I’m hitting them in the face on a daily basis. Family Guy is very openly leftist. It engages in jokes about race, sexuality or gender identity, but often in a far more clever and affectionate manner like Gabriel Iglesias’ Gift Basket story.

And it’s not a majority of Family Guy’s audience either. That’s a flat out exaggeration right there.

By and large, bigots are more validated by South Park than by Family Guy. When push comes to shove, Seth MacFarlane is very straightforward regarding his complete and total hatred of the Right. The fact that some people really are stupid enough to feel validated by a show that paints them as complete morons eventually has to fall to them. Bigots were (and still are) also feeling validated by Archie Bunker, that didn’t make All in the Family any less of a classic.
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To quote:
"anonymous asked:
Don’t you think it’s presumptuous to assume you can claim to know more about autism than the people who actually have it?

Lily Peet:
I think it’s presumptuous to think that someone’s sole, dubious claim to expertise regarding autism is the biologically unimpressive achievement of having it.
In much the same way that being a parent doesn’t mean you’re good with kids, having autism doesn’t make you an expert on it. Working with people who have it, seeing the numerous differences and deviations (not sure if that’s the right word) it brings on people is infinitely more valuable because it gives you a much wider range of perspective. Regardless of whether you have autism or not, this is the aspect that matters.
Last year, Autism Speaks appointed two new board members with autism and I remarked that it was interesting. Not good, but interesting. The reason I didn’t say it was good was because the fact that these two people were already willingly working for Autism Speaks puts their actual expertise into question. Whether they were going to revolutionize the organization or become Autism Speaks’ new gadflies akin to Milo or CHS remained to be seen.
The IWK Children’s Hospital has a terrible reputation when dealing with kids and teenagers with autism, and a simple google search reveals that (surprising absolutely nobody) they work with Autism Speaks a LOT.
This is to say nothing of teenagers, who have very little actual knowledge regarding anything in the psychiatric field because it’s not part of a general school curriculum and doctors are often skittish about revealing the nitty-gritty information regarding mental health and medication to kids. When I was a teenager, my doctor only told me what Risperidone (a medication they wanted me to take) actually did (regulates dopamine emissions in the brain) because I incessantly nagged him about it."
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here are a couple of Peet related things.


hay Peet you’re one to talk miss I’m going to admit to hitting my kid sister.


Peet is the last person I would want to learn anything from.
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I can’t believe that person would think someone who has never studied autism. I am not saying all doctors know

what they are doing but I think they would have better authority then some crybaby person online who easily gets

triggered by Starlight Glimmer.
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Just a random question but where on earth is Peet getting the idea that Mr. Enter is lazy and using his Autism as

an excuse also why does she think Mr. Enter is lazy? From my understanding Mr. Enter has had a couple of editors

lately. Wouldn’t that show Mr. Enter is at least trying? I only ask because Lily Peet really seems to be after a

lot of people she made jabs at years ago.
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here is something Peet related.



If you genuinely think that being anti-Trump is akin to being anti-white and anti-Christian then what you’re saying is whiteness and Christianity are inherently oppressive to those who don’t fit into those categories.

Had they just prosecuted these girls for vandalism then I doubt anyone would’ve cared. But by calling it a hate crime they just played their hand.

Stupid fucks.

hay your one to complain about people not fitting into categories little miss all anti-feminist women are useful

idiots. Oh and since you knew like three Christians maybe you would know not all are oppressive people I mean

your about to marry one if you haven’t married Lizzy yet. Then again she is either brainwashed by your or abusive

to you. Now that I think about it what on earth does Christianity even have to do with Trump?
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