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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


saw an archive on Kiwi Farms.

Looks like E4B continues to attempt to rake you over the coals for your response to Lizzy's post, along with trying to concern-troll your friends as well. Like as if those deadbeats have any influence at all.

Fish swim, birds fly, bronies stalk children into alleyways and E4B wastes their time getting offended at my continued insistence on living.

Again Lily not all Bronies are pedophiles because of the handful that've been outed by E4B then again she is allowed to generalize because reasons.
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Here is a Steven Universe thing related to Lily,

Sorry that it isn't an actual archive link but for some reason the Kiwi Farms user SemenKrabs1999 doesn't seem to also link the archive and therefore no archive link. However here is a better option for the people not wanting to go to Kiwi Farms

Hey remember when Rebecca Shutthefuckupalready decided it was a good idea to have her literal child character essentially have to get naked on screen to solve the episode's conflict? Yeah and that was before all the gross stuff people bring up. How did nobody catch this and fire her gross pedo ass?

How the fuck did I forget that when making the video…

Because back then you didn't see nudity as always sexual? I mean Lily does know nudity isn't always sexual right? Now that I think about it wouldn't seeing a child nude and instantly thinking sexual say more about anon and Lily then anyone else?
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That Little Faggot with the Earring and the Makeup
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

Entry Of The Chameleons
not sure if related or not, but here's a crazy-ass Twitter account rambling about how shit FIM is. I'm assuming it's one of her sockpuppet accounts on that platform since it has her sona as its profile picture. if not, it's one of her cuckoo crackpot fans.

EDIT: Jarkes brought this up over at the cringe thread about bronies and I thought it'd be wonderful to share it here.

Here is an archive.

The sheer amount of people who claim to be fans of mine yet are so obsessed with turning LGBT representation into a bloodbath is disturbing.

I’m glad none of you are local, because I would not feel safe around any of you.

Says the woman who wants a gender select option in the Legend of Zelda games while also complaining about

everything related to that series. Just to say this I would be okay with a gender select option or playable Zelda

option in the Legend of Zelda series. My main point is Lily has done so much complaining about the Legend of Zelda

games so I don't know how a gender select option would make those issues she has with the games go away.

Here is something that was shown on Kiwi Farms but was just a screencap with no archive link.

MostofBronyReact: whoa they just stones a child, that's really fucked up! Silver: sinister smile yeeesss~ goooood~

I’m reminded of how much Bronies despise Angel Bunny, and how Mr Enter referred to this tiny rabbit with the mind of a toddler as domestic violence.

Because nothing says not abusive like throwing your caretaker out of the house because she didn't fix the food 100% to your liking. Like does Lily now know that emotional abuse is a thing?
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yeah for all of Lily's talk about MLP:FIM doing to many redemption and finally getting somepony not redeemed she throws a fit because child. Though I do have to wonder if she would be doing the same thing if said child was a colt?
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I really don't get why after all that complaining about MLP redeeming their villains to much she gets what she

wanted then complains about it? I think she made a post saying Cozy Glows plan from the season 8 finale would of

made more sense with Neighsay or Queen Chrysalis. Like tell me why would any of those two drain the magic of all

life and magical objects? I mean I remember Neighsay being scared of all the other races and I am sure Queen

Chrysalis needs her magic.
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Background Pony #6540
Doesn't her videos still get views anyway? Unless it had to do with giving her video ad revenue, which in that case, that's ehat YouTube Premium or Adblock is for.

@Bizarre Tibetan Sand Fox
True. Those videos do rack enough a whole lot of views.
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