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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

Started by Selaphiel
21,946 replies
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Well, no matter how much people call her out and bring up posts that reveal her true colors, it never has any consequences, since she still maintains her subscribers and her videos still get thousands of views.
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Background Pony #524B
Yup. Though view counts for he videos will continue to grow over time, with a couple of her previous GOW & CB videos almost reaching towards the 100K view counts.

Even though 100K followers isn’t as big as channels with millions of followers, it’s enough of a platform to continue maintaining view counts for future videos.
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Bizarre Tibetan Sand Fox
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if what the kiwi farmers said is true that is abn archive of lily orchrad rule 34 pics

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Saw a screencap on Kiwi Farms someone took of a comment from Glass of Water-These Heteros Makin’ Me upseteros. Saw a couple of more comments that look riff worthy. By the way first one is a comment chain.

3 days ago
We’re just gonna ignore the fact that heterosexual couples are a thing? And can be cute? I’m all for more entertaining stories though that’s true. I kinda wish they weren’t dead too but then again I ALSO wish Discord wasn’t Grogar (I don’t fucking care about spoilers for something that stupid)

Lily Orchard
2 days ago
Stop pushing your heterosexual agenda. Keep your politics out of my soft gay cartoons

2 days ago
I enjoy occasional straight ships, though we should probably just keep them as headcanons, don’t want the show to push unrealistic ideas after all. Sometimes it’s better left as our radical idea. Imagine exposing the community to these kinds of politics? Exposing KIDS to these kinds of politics?
We could N E V E R…
(Did I… did I do the joke right…)

Can I just point out that other then saying Straight couples are a thing the OP agreed with Lily about being annoyed the Apple parents are dead Lily still made a very stupid joke for no reason.

Tesseract Iluusion
2 days ago
Bronies think that a toxic relationship is good? Are you surprised, Lilly? These are the same people who think that Joker and Harlequin have a model relationship when he abuses her in every way fashionable you can’t blame toxic people for being toxic (tongue in cheek comment there). It is a reflection of them and like Donald Trump fans, they love it.

Okay 1) how are we going from MLP:FIM to Batman and 2) Josh ended his friendship with Lily after realizing how toxic she was and he is still treated like the bad guy by Lily and you white knights. Oh and what is the reflection of you and the other Lily White Knights?

Lily Orchard
1 day ago (edited)
For those in the approval queue going "wHy CAnT lOVe STorIEs jUSt bE sIMPle?!?!?!?!?!?!1?" bear in mind I was saying that they needed ONE scene of them bonding over something other than their own relationship, like Pear Butter had with Mrs Cake.

One scene, of which a mirror was already present. One. If that’s too complex for you, then that’s clearly a problem with you and you should probably seek government assistance.

I would say the water tower scene isn’t complex to understand but you sure seemed to have that scene’s point fly right over you head.
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>Stop pushing your heterosexual agenda. Keep your politics out of my soft gay cartoons.
>I enjoy occasional straight ships, though we should probably just keep them as headcanons, don’t want the show to push unrealistic ideas after all.

Ok maybe I’m not understanding something, but there’s nothing wrong with straight couples.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Ha-ha, charade you are!
I wonder if Lily hates The Dragon Prince as much as some of you here. I know she’s trashed a lot of my other favorite things, so it would only make sense.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

So it would appear that Lily is now trying to imply that she’s been raped again. That this happened last month… Though maybe she’s simply talking about the first time?

Seriously, if Lily is trying to say that she was raped again, I’m really starting to wonder how she finds herself in such situations. If it’s even true.

Where’s that supposed "take no shit" attitude that she presents online? You would think after the first time, she would try to always make sure to have someone she trusts to have her back or otherwise avoid being alone.

But perhaps I am misreading her most recent replies, and she is talking about the first time. At least I hope so, as the first time I can allow myself to believe her… the second time, and so close to the first, I definitely have my doubts.

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