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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

Started by Selaphiel
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Agreed. People question if BC will ever make a response, especially with news coming out that one of BC’s chairmans, Shir Goldbird, made a private post requesting former BC staff to stay silent about GrizzlyTheMedic.
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Yeah. The only people that continue to talk about it are Patchwork Heart, and the former founder of BronyCon, Purple Tinker.
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Here’s the video


Long and short of it is Lily pretty much implies all Bronies are pedophiles because of the actions of a few. Realized I should of said more. Like the people of the cons she should be calling pedo enablers are the con organizers who haven’t said a thing about that Grizzly guy not the whole Brony fandom.
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You know what else is amusing about the recent video. She has the gall to bring up her Blame and Groom video. You know the same video that ended with her admitting she had proof of how much of a scumbag Toon was for like a year but did nothing with that info for a year and in the comments of her recent Glass of Water video not a single fan of hers brought up that point.
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It doesn’t really matter, given that at the end of the day, the video is bringing more eyes on the BronyCon scandal, despite the convention and their chairmans’ efforts of brushing it under the rug. Even saw on Twitter that Patchwork Heart retweeted a post sharing Lily’s video.
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Here are a couple of archives from Kiwi Farms I felt like talking about.


For those who constantly say “Good critics don’t yell” the volume and harshness of one’s voice is irrelevant to good criticism.

You’re just a baby.

I mean this is a decent point but the problem is you seem to want to be harsh in nearly all of your Glass of Water videos like the most nice I ever heard you from was your video about you gushing over Kingdom Hearts and even that had the unnecessary jab at Steven Universe in it.


Any shows that you ARE into at the moment other than mlp or do you just hate everything?

There are shows that I’m into. I’m not saying which ones because when I do I get a round of 500 questions and I’m not in the mood to write an essay on INSERT RANDOM SHOW I’M WATCHING HERE

Who is the baby again?
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Doesn’t look like anyone cares about that. Even saw that one of Grizzly’s victims approve the video.
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Only update is that for the past couple of days now, Lily’s Subscriber Count on YouTube is public. And looking at it today, it looks like the sub count has finally reached 100K subscribers.
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Here is something Lily related.


Your a prick, you really don’t care about others or even your own friends. Josh, Blake, Ethan, and brittany you ditch for the most shittiest reasons. Now, your gaslighting your ex wife and getting your fans to harass her and they don’t know her personally. You have no evidence of her doing anything wrong. You aren’t a victim, if anything your the abuser. Can’t wait to see how you abuse and gaslight Carousel and Mikala into a break up! Women, learn how to make compromises and what loyalty is.


How the fuck am I gaslighting Lizzy when I haven’t spoken to her in eight months? Talking about my abuse is gaslighting now, is it? Is gaslighting just anything that doesn’t involve me being horrible?

Also me and Ethan are still friends you asshole.

As for Blake, Josh and Brittany… I ditched them for being obsessed, a fascist, and a fair-weather friend respectively. I’m sorry I didn’t stick around people who had no respect for me or my boundaries, I guess?

Women, learn how to make compromises and what loyalty is.


For some reason “making compromises” and “loyalty” always seems to mean “Put up with people who disrespect you and treat you like garbage.”

Put up with a creepy, invasive weirdo who tries way too hard to be funny and “sassy” to the point of making you extremely uncomfortable.

Put up with a right-wing nutjob who has no regard for anything or anyone that doesn’t preserve his precious comfort 24/7.

Put up with a flake who will talk your ear off about every stupid, petty, idiotic fight they start but then flee the moment you need them to be an actual friend.

Put up with an emotionally lazy and greedy partner who acts like having to give barebones emotional support to someone dealing with serious trauma is some kind of fucking death march.

I put up with a lot of this kind of victim-blamey bullshit from you guys. It seems I can’t even fucking blink without one of you running in to scream about how terrible I supposedly am. You’re so fucking desperate for me to be some kind of evil Disney villain so you don’t have to accept the idea that your precious cartoons aren’t perfect gifts from Jesus that you’ll concoct this self-serving fanfiction that any time I do something good or suffer it has to be false.

“Lily has ulterior motives! We don’t know what they are, but she does!”

“Lily’s lying about being raped/abused/ect! We don’t have any proof, but she is!”

And the only thing I actually HAVE put up with is the now 10 years of this constant stream of stalking, gaslighting, and deranged tantrums from you fucking subhuman gremlins. And the only reason I do… is because nothing you do actually hurts me.

How much bullshit have you spewed about me? How much crap have you forged in a desperate bid to get me deplatformed? And has it ever actually fucking worked? How many of your stupid slander campaigns have fallen apart without me having to actually do anything?

At what point do you just give up?


So Lily people can’t criticize ms-mikail’s work but you can. Also didn’t ms-mikail say she gets paid to do art. You know speaking of that point here was what seemed to start all this.


Would you actually be willing to listen to said critiques?


Let me attempt to save you some time and list off the shortcomings of the comics art myself.

Characters being off model from update to update/sometimes from panel to panel.

Basic bordering on undescriptive backgrounds.

Liquids not behaving how they’re suppose to.

Perspective being weird.

The line art looking blotchy and unpleasant to look at from time to time.

Look I’m not a delusional hack who doesn’t understand her own shortcomings. I know every problem with the comics art before you do because I make the damn things. At the same time, this isn’t something I’m being paid to do or are assembling for a portfolio. It’s just for fun and the second I start worrying about criticism over something as a hobby, the second it stops being fun.

The art is just a vehicle for the story and because the story is just slice of life comedy with wholesome drama, that vehicle is strictly utilitarian, and given the regular attention and feedback each update gets, utilitarian is more than enough.

You can certainly complain about the artwork if you don’t like it, but if you want me to give a shit about what you have to say, then pay me.

Says she only does this for fun but will only care about criticism if people pay her. Yep that will total last when Lily leaves you and then treat you like the bad guy.
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Saw this on Kiwi farms and for some reason it wasn’t archived.


can you give any examples of how to portray teenage sexuality without being creepy? like a show/book that does it well or how you’d approach it

Just talk about it, in a simple and straightforward manner.

You see one of the big problems a lot of people seem to be having is that they can’t talk about sex like an adult because they don’t have the brains of an adult. It’s extremely easy to talk about issues regarding sex and sexuality between teenagers, provided you actually respect the topic as something serious.

Where a lot of people trip up is that they use that topic as an excuse to be horny on main. So you end up with things like Stevonnie or the Butt Witch, which are “Sexy design” first and excuses second. The whole idea about being related to puberty is just a way to mask their cheeky wank and something more than a cheeky wank.


That’s the problem. They don’t actually want to treat the topic with respect, they just want to be horny in public and dodge the scrutiny. Those kind of excuses are old as fucking dirt. Remember when people said “Bayonetta is empowering”? It was a load of horseshit. Hideki Kamiya was living out his dominatrix fantasies and that was it. And the same goes for SU and Twelve Forever.

You have to actually want to treat the topic of teenage sexuality with any respect, and have your priorities either be telling an interesting story, or giving good advice to kids dealing with the chaotic mess that is puberty.

Think about how Scars talked about Mags having a crush on her mother when she was a teenager. That wasn’t really portrayed as funny or sexy. That was a seriously distressing thing for her, she was absolutely miserable dealing with that. The intent was to invoke a reaction from the viewer of “Oh you poor baby…” and nothing else.

And the reason for that is because THAT’S A FUCKING PROBLEM. That’s a topic that deserves to be handled with care.

Another thing I’m working on with Scars is a longer-form story about Honey deciding to take an abstinence pledge, and Mags not being happy about that. And that’s a story where Mags has to learn that being gay and being sexual are not one in the same, no matter what homophobic teachers (and also some LGBT people) would have her believe, and that if she actually loves her then she’s not going to put that kind of pressure and disrespect on her like that.

And that’s a pretty heavy topic to get into, and not just because of all the interconnecting issues that the story covers.

And yet so many times when I hear about people talking about writing about these issues… there seems to be this inability to understand that you can talk about sex without turning it into porn. You can search through my blog and find people saying “How do I write a sex scene without being fetishistic?” and they always balk at the question of “Why do you need a sex scene?”

Knob – “How do I make this sex scene work for my story?”Me – “If you’re struggling with it, shouldn’t you avoid writing sex scenes?”Knob –


The idea of talking about sex without including wank material seems to be completely incomprehensible to some people. They’ll spend so much time trying to figure out how to make their sex scenes “respectful and mature” and very little time questioning their necessity. This isn’t even about teenage sexuality. These writers cannot write about sex at all without shoving porn into it. And that’s where the problems begin and end.

Sex itself is implied. You don’t need to go any further beyond that and anyone who says you do is a fucking idiot. Mags’ sexuality begins and ends with “She gay.” All the reader has is what would be obvious based off that information, and I don’t go into any more detail beyond that. Even the story about Honey taking an abstinence pledge is more about Mags learning to respect her partner’s decisions without being a bitch about it. Sex is just what starts the fight, but it’s not a massive focal-point of the story. The focal point is the inner psychological workings of these two girls, because how they think is more interesting.

But if you’ve noticed, a lot of people don’t like complex characters, even though they say they7 do. They like simple, one-dimensional characters they can project onto, or easily warp in any way they want for fanfics. And a lot of show staff for a lot of cartoons think the same way.

Rebecca Sugar spent her whole adolescence writing other people’s characters badly and using them for wank fodder. And then she grew up and continued doing the exact same thing. And that’s why Steven Universe is like that, because she can’t write and doesn’t care to learn.

I already know that when this story I’m working on goes up, a bunch of people are either going to decry Mags as a toxic girlfriend, or decry Honey as an internalized biphobe. And that will happen because these characters aren’t simple enough for their comfort, and when asked to think they just give up.

The really big difference between most the readers and Mags will be that Mags eventually learns to stop having a narrow-minded, childish attitude about sex and actually grow the fuck up a bit.

And you can’t talk about teenage sexuality unless you decide to grow up.

Funny how she is calling Bayonetta the dominatrix fantasy of Hideki Kamiya when Bayonetta’s creator is a woman. Also I find it funny she is one saying how people should grow up when again she can’t shut up about Josh, Blake, Brittany, PatchworkHeart and Lizzy. Oh and for some reason she is putting the M-rated game next to kid series like Steven Universe and Twelve Forever. Again I see she is talking about how people can’t stand complex characters when she seems to have one of the biggest Black and White views of the world I’ve ever seen. Again this is all coming from someone who made Stockholm.
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Sorry to double post but here have more Lily being hetropobic.


Again apparently being hetro is bad in Lily’s eyes. I mean I sure do wonder where people get the idea that LGBT people are evil from. I mean I sure do wonder. /S Lily crap like this is why LGBT people aren’t taken seriously.

Making an edit because I don’t want to triple post and sadly can’t link to the archives because the Kiwi Farm user that showed them didn’t archive the links but in short Lily ain’t going to be seeing Frozen 2 because they dared to not make Elsa a lesbian because Disney didn’t want her defined by her sexuality.

Saw this link on E4B


What do you think about bronies who prioritize ousting Republicans as opposed to ousting pedophiles?

Nine times out of ten a Pedophile IS a Republican or similar conservative nutjob, so as far as I see it that’s a “Two birds, one stone” scenario.

I don’t have to choose between ousting pedophiles and ousting every other kind of bigoted freakshow. I have two hands, I can throttle both. But again, most of the time “both” is just a single person.

I said this in the video, and it still stands: The MLP fandom is an environment that tacitly allows pedophiles to thrive. It’s an environment where being upset is frowned upon, being angry is villified, and speaking out against bad behavior of any kind is given a “hush.”

It’s not just pedophilia. It’s racism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism (you guys forget about Aryanne?), Islamaphobia, ect. It’s abusive, predatory and coercive behavior. It’s the attitude of keep quiet and don’t rock the boat. Don’t theaten the status quo. Don’t make noise. Be quiet. Sit. Be nice.

One of the guys who was roasting Grizzley the Medic and BronyCon was later heard referring to people who grow up and stop being racist or casually bigoted as “cuckery.” That isn’t just part of the problem. That IS the problem.

That’s an inherently conservative mindset and environment. If the MLP Fandom were less conservative and more progressive, this kind of bullshit wouldn’t be tolerated as widely as it is now. If you didn’t have well-off, middle class, conservative white men running every major community outlet then you wouldn’t have these fucking problems in the sheer abundance, and you certainly wouldn’t have this incessant dragging of feet in regards to doing anything about it.

So yeah, I consider ousting Republicans and ousting Pedophiles to be of equal priority because they share too many of the same perspectives to be treated as completely separate from eachother.

And I know Republican bronies (hi E4B) are gonna pissy about that but… hey, can’t really argue with conservatives when they are so wrapped up in their feelings vs facts :3

Because as we all know the left leaning never had pedos outed at all and Lily you are someone who can’t be argued with either because you just put your fingers in your ears and call anyone calling you out a Nazi, Republican or Pedo.


what pisses me off about sexualized pokemon and nsfw of cartoons is the adults doing this putting the responsibility on minors/kids to avoid it vs them keeping it in private. ex. twitter’s a den of nsfw accounts with disclaimers like ’if you’re a minor don’t follow this isn’t your a safe space’ or the like when they’re posting nsfw on a public account that can show up on searches

Again, it’s just selfishness. “Fuck you, I’ll post what I want, everything’s about me.”

Jeez it is almost like the Internet isn’t a place for minors Lily. Then again your the last one who should be talking about selfishness.
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Yeah Lily did seem to always come across as the think of the kids type of person. I mean she is aware of websites that you know are meant for kids?
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