The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

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I think what makes this story is the fact the professor is so pathetic and childish for being laughed for tripping that he assaults a student. He is nothing more then a schoolyard bully and a boy that never became an adult.
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I’ve heard of other teachers like that being severe jerks to students before many times.

It’s no wonder some parents prefer home-schooling. (And even some states are trying to demonize/outlaw that…)
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Here is something that might melt Peet’s brain.


One gun owning Texan plumber with no military/police background and a rifle nails the Texas Church shooter in a gap between his body armor with ONE SHOT and makes the dude break his attack and flee. He joins up with another guy he’s never met, explains the situation, and the two run the fleeing fucker down in a vehicle until the shooter went off road and died.

Police receive several months of training, including firearm instruction, and get tens of thousands of dollars in surplus military equipment, and still haphazardly mag dump dozens of rounds in engagements and can barely hit their target.


Quick Addendum:

-The civilian who shot the attacker, Stephen Williford, is a certified NRA firearms instructor.

-He was barefoot the whole time.


“Yipee Ki Yay, motherfucker!”


Good shit


I love how utterly this situation destroyed the entire gun-grabber narrative.

Good guy with a gun never stops mass shooting? This one did.

Civilians can’t be that accurate? This one was.

More guns will only turn the situation into a running gun battle? Didn’t happen.

AR-15s are only used for evil? Good guy had one here.

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Y'all are stupid!
I wanna know what peet thinks of brazil. Will she say it’s a great country because the left runs the place? I really wanna hear her "thoughts"
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Considering he fucking thinks America is a racist country because TEH TRUMPZZZZ, he’d probably get facts wrong and say it’s Utopia despite…ya know, the reality.
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