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A video of a guy typing on a ZX spectrum 48k but every 3rd key hit is an 8-bit version of the Star Wars opening theme but every time the 4th note is played Big Smokes order is heard
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Only semi-related, but I love that Bohemian Redux picture Queen did in the ’80s, and how the one from the ’70s faded into it. We see that John has gotten a white boy afro, Freddie has cut his hair and grown a mustache, Roger has a super ’80s mullet, and Brian hasn’t changed his haircut at all.
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Okay still got nothing for what to do next in Pony Fire Emblem.

Maybe I just not explain what caused the timelines to merge in FE Fates.
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Big Smoke’s order but every time he says "cheese" The original theme song to the Jem TV show is played but every time the word "fashion" is said, a Victoria’s secret commercial is played.
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