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My Castle of the Two Sisters stage is done. There's a trap door in the middle in reference to the trap door in the castle. The doors don't rotate but have a gear on them because doing so makes them solid so you can't jump through the bottom of them despite being as thin as the editor allows. I used steel for the background, because it looked closest compared to wood, marble or rubber.
I spent a while going through the music to pick something fitting. Twilight Stigmata, Fatal Blooms in Moonlight, Friendship, Celestial Valley, etc., I was about to settle on Dark World. But then what should have been the obvious choice from the start hit me: CALLING TO THE NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

Name is Nightmare Castle, ID: JM99PL82
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Which ones don't you know? I'd be surprised if you know Hazel or Sassy Lost

Also, I've since added Kalas, Gex, Vexx, Wex, The as-yet-unknown Starfield Protagonist, Doom Guy, Jazz Jackrabbit, Terrarian, Nuru, Chosen Undead, Raguna, Iris Fortner, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Who of those do you know?
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Plays Kirby against Joker and Ganondorf.

Kirby beats them both. And had Joker's Ablity for a good long while. Man that Kirby Buff is useful.
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So it turns out there is exactly ONE music track from the original Persona with the Joker DLC pack.
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By the way, in case you guys couldn’t tell, I finally got every Persona spirit. Also literally the first time I beat a Legendary spirit on the Spirit Board.
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