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Super Smash Bros General Thread

Started by ParagonCommander
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@Great Plateau

I found Marth EXTREMELY useful in World of Light, and surprisingly a lot of matches there could be won very easily by equipping a support spirit that gives you a Drill Arm at the start of a match, launching the main drill, and then throwing the other part of it at the opponent.
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@The Equestrian Zodiac
Bare in mind there’s 4 more updates coming too. Even if you don’t own the DLC, you still need to download them so they’re visible in replays or fighting the DLC characters online. I couldn’t tell you how much of that 1.1GB was Joker assets and how much was stage builder, video editor, online sharing, etc., but I’d guess it’s most of it was Joker. They might add new modes along side the remaining new fighters that’ll take up even more memory. That 0.7MB of DLC is nothing but a key to unlock the content that was already downloaded in the update.
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