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General Anime Thread

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Whenever I went on a date, I would end up talking the poor fella's ear off! They couldn't take the constant barrage of chit-chat. Some of them had breakdowns. Folks even called me 'A-talk-alypse Now'!

Hold up… so this is implying that this is a world where Apocalypse Now exists. Which means that the Vietnam War happened in this world.

Somehow, I can't imagine cutesy talking animals fighting in Nam.

What type of animal would furry Colonel Kurtz be? God forbid we get to see furry John Rambo…

My mind immediately leap to that war propaganda video.

The one with the fox.
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Aggretsuko S2.

The early stuff with Anai and Retsuko's mother was quite frustrating, although to be fair, that's what they were going for. I was worried they'd rampant it up to the point that Neverland had it, where they'd undercut the catharsis every time, so I was relieved when they only did it some of the time.

The resolution to Anai's arc was a bit weird. I didn't think it was bad, just felt unlike the series to do a more typical style of character development. I guess it works because the character is younger, and there's no guarantee the tricks from S1 would've worked better, just wasn't what I expected.

I liked the stuff with Gori. More subdued (I didn't get as angry) but still very effective. Really gets the constant uncertainties of life.

I figured something was up with Tadano just because of his name (I knew from Komi-san that "tada no hito" means "some guy.") but I thought the twist would be that was an alias. I was concerned that it was getting too fairy tail-like, and I'm glad it didn't turn out to be that easy for Retsuko.

I loved Ton's speech to Retsuko at the end. Life might not inherently have meaning, but that just means we can find and choose our own reasons to live. I also liked the implication in the end that, after all the shit that was said about her on Insta, Retsuko was the one who didn't want to settle for Tadano.

All in all, I feel like it was about as good as S1 without being exactly like S1.

Agent of Shadows
I wish New Game! was little more like Shirobako in terms of showing how industry works but maybe not to much, it would make different manga/anime that way and New Game was still good. More focus on programmer girls would be nice.

Agent of Shadows
I dont think that much, at least considering setting and story, references to other anime or manga or industry elements are in their place and are needed.
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Oh hey! A second trailer for My Hero Academia season 4 was released!
Here ya go
I also found a version someone subtitled. Here

Nothing really spoilery about it aside from seeing a couple of powers characters have, and a general gist of one of the plots.

Agent of Shadows
Big reveal about SNK world and characters finally done. Next episode (title drop) and one after will be wraping it up.
I hope they will make another season despite such massive change
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Well, damn, that Aggretsuko season finale…

I mean, I figured it was too good to be true, but still. On the bright side, at least now Haida has a chance again.
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Anyway, all around, I feel like season two of Aggretsuko was just a better handled version of season one. Season one focused on Retsuko just wanting to find someone so she could quit work, whereas season two focused on a lot of topics, including goals in life, overbearing family members, love in general, and the need for family and children.

I give it ten red pandas out of ten.
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