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@icey wicey 1517
I am probably the only one thats gets bugged when a cartoon channel keeps using old cartoon characters in their marketing or advertisement, despite such channel not airing their cartoons anymore years ago.

Like Cartoon Network still inserting Dexter or Cow & Chicken in their merchandise, despite the fact they dont air those cartoons anymore since more than a decade ago. All the cartoon classics air in Boomerang.
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I’ve dropped DC Super Hero Girls. I’m not a fan of how Lauren Faust handles the Male super heroes in this one, at all: Super Man is an assole that doesn’t give respect to his cousin, Hal Jordan (one of the Green Lanterns) is an annoying guy who only cares of being cool, Aqualad is basically a comic relief, Green Arrow is quite of a narcissist, and JESUS CHRIST THE LESS WORDS I SPEND ABOUT HOW AWFUL IS THIS VERSION OF ROBIN THE BETTER IT IS…. Now, I fully understand this is DC Super Hero GIRLS, so the GIRLS are the main focus, and those ones are handled pretty well (althought the show itself can be unfair to them at times)… but this is not a good reason to treat the Male ones like if they’re parodies that neither Teen Titans Go. Besides, the show itself is nowhere close to MLP in terms of quality, and I don’t see it becoming as popular (especially since ratings are not that good neither). I’m dropping it. Sorry Lauren, and sorry Mitch, but this time you lost this round.
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@Beau Skunky
Really? Well, color me surprised. Everything I’ve read or looked at said Nick didn’t want anything to do with R&S anymore, mainly because they wanted to disassociate themselves with anything to do with its creator.
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>That episode of Adventure Time where Jake eats ice cream out of what looks like a giant green vagina.

No, seriously, how did this show get away with stuff like this?
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