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Size: 2000x1600 | Tagged: explicit, artist:haltie, hitch trailblazer, misty brightdawn, pipp petals, sunny starscout, thunder flap, zipp storm, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, g5, absurd file size, afterglow, aftermath, ahegao, anatomically correct, animated, anus, asphyxiation, assisted blowjob, audible creampie, balls, bisexual, blood, blowjob, blushing, broken, bukkake, butt, clitoris, creampie, crossed legs, crotchboobs, crying, cum, cum everywhere, cum in mouth, cum on body, cum on butt, cum on crotchboobs, cum on hair, cum on tail, cum on tongue, cum out nose, cum pool, cum trail, cumming, cunnilingus, dark genitals, deepthroat, defloration, doggy style, dripping, dripping cum, evil laugh, excessive cum, exhibitionism, eyebrows, face down ass up, facial, fainted, female, female orgasm, forced, from behind, gagging, gangbang, grin, group sex, hitchbutt, horn, horn penetration, horngasm, horsecock, humiliation, intercrural sex, laughing, lesbian, licking, licking cock, lip sync, male, messy, missionary position, misty brightdawn gets all the stallions, mistybutt, moaning, moaning in pleasure, mouth hold, music, nipples, nosebleed, nudity, one after another, open mouth, oral, orgasm, pegasus royal guard, penetration, penis, plot, ponut, precum, premature ejaculation, presenting, pride flag, prisbeam lantern, progressive pride flag, public, public humiliation, public sex, public use, rainbow flag, royal guard, sex, ship:dawnstorm, shipping, sloppy, sloppy blowjob, sloppy seconds, smiling, sound, squirting, stallion, straight, tail, teats, threesome, throat bulge, throat swabbing, tongue out, vaginal, vaginal creampie, vaginal secretions, virgin, voice acting, vomit, vomiting cum, vulva, vulvar winking, wall of tags, webm, x-ray, zippbutt
Warning: NSFW!

Extremely detailed descriptions of sex