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Size: 1000x1086 | Tagged: safe, artist:dengdengbobo, pinkie pie, earth pony, bow, cheongsam, clothes, cute, diapinkes, ear piercing, earring, food, jewelry, no pupils, one eye closed, piercing, shoes, solo
Warning: suggestive inside

Ricolove's 2021 collection, only represents my personal preference.

Size: 2160x3320 | Tagged: safe, artist:shadowboltsfm, fluttershy, pegasus, anthro, plantigrade anthro, 3d, aviator glasses, belly button, blender, bra, bracelet, breasts, busty fluttershy, clothes, crop top bra, cute, eyelashes, feet, high res, jewelry, looking at you, midriff, nail polish, not sfm, sandals, shorts, shyabetes, smiling, sunglasses, toenail polish, toes, underwear, wings
Size: 800x1067 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:tzc, octavia melody, human, ass, barefoot, blushing, bow (instrument), bra, breasts, busty octavia melody, butt, clothes, feet, female, humanized, lingerie, looking at you, looking back, looking back at you, open mouth, panties, rear view, solo, solo female, treblebutt, underwear
Size: 800x1143 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:tzc, izzy moonbow, human, g5, my little pony: a new generation, beach babe, beach ball, belly button, bracelet, breasts, busty izzy moonbow, clothes, horn, horned humanization, humanized, jewelry, legs in the water, swimsuit, wet
Size: 2486x2527 | Tagged: safe, artist:maren, pipp petals, zipp storm, pegasus, pony, g5, my little pony: a new generation, spoiler:my little pony: a new generation, cellphone, chest fluff, chest fluff envy, doodle, duo, female, mare, meme, phone, ponified meme, siblings, simple background, sisters, smartphone, white background
Size: 5000x4730 | Tagged: safe, artist:makkah, starlight glimmer, bird, unicorn, anthro, absurd resolution, apple, arm hooves, beautiful, book, building, castle, clothes, cloud, cup, curved horn, detailed, detailed background, dress, eyelashes, fancy dress, featured image, female, floppy ears, flower, food, frilly dress, glasses, gold, grapes, grass, happy, hat, horn, jewelry, long hair, long tail, luxury, mare, outdoors, parasol (umbrella), reading, reading glasses, rose, scenery, scenery porn, sitting, solo, table, teacup, technically advanced, top hat, umbrella, update, victorian, victorian dress
Size: 1308x2560 | Tagged: safe, artist:slackerburst, diamond tiara, human, boots, cigarette, clothes, commission, hoodie, humanized, older, older diamond tiara, shoes, shorts, smoking, solo, stockings, thigh highs
Size: 715x800 | Tagged: safe, artist:cz, rainbow dash, human, anime style, barefoot, camisole, clothes, electric fan, fan, feet, food, humanized, legs, panties, popsicle, sexy, skirt, strap slip, stupid sexy rainbow dash, sweat, underwear, upskirt, white panties
Size: 2362x2362 | Tagged: artist needed, source needed, safe, fluttershy, human, beautiful, blushing, cute, female, humanized, lidded eyes, looking at you, shyabetes, smiling, solo
Size: 500x375 | Tagged: safe, artist:cutebeerfloat, apple bloom, earth pony, pony, backpack, book, clothes, female, filly, sailor uniform, skirt, solo, surprised, uniform
Size: 4000x4000 | Tagged: safe, artist:confetticakez, octavia melody, earth pony, pony, bag, bow (instrument), equestria girls outfit, late, mouth hold, running, saddle bag, schoolgirl toast, sheet music, solo
Size: 3000x3000 | Tagged: safe, artist:t72b, rarity, pony, unicorn, alternate hairstyle, clothes, dark, female, high res, magic, mare, open mouth, piercing, punk, raripunk, sitting, smoke, smoking, solo, vest
Size: 2000x2091 | Tagged: safe, artist:vale-bandicoot96, izzy moonbow, pony, unicorn, g5, my little pony: a new generation, spoiler:my little pony: a new generation, chest fluff, eye clipping through hair, female, floppy ears, mare, simple background, solo, stare, staring contest, yellow background
Size: 2048x2026 | Tagged: safe, artist:tinykiru, fluttershy, pegasus, pony, fake it 'til you make it, :o, alternate hairstyle, braid, cute, ear fluff, female, glasses, hat, heart eyes, high res, hipstershy, leg fluff, lineless, mare, open mouth, shyabetes, solo, wingding eyes
Size: 5000x5000 | Tagged: safe, artist:witchtaunter, princess celestia, alicorn, pony, badge, bust, chest fluff, commission, crown, cute, cutelestia, jewelry, looking at you, one eye closed, open mouth, open smile, regalia, simple background, smiling, smiling at you, solo, transparent background, wink, winking at you
Size: 3000x4000 | Tagged: safe, artist:thedangerscout9, zipp storm, pegasus, pony, g5, my little pony: a new generation, spoiler:my little pony: a new generation, female, solo
Size: 2036x2048 | Tagged: safe, artist:tinykiru, sunny starscout, earth pony, pony, g5, :p, blushing, bust, cheek fluff, cute, ear fluff, female, heart, high res, icon, lineless, mare, no pupils, portrait, solo, sunnybetes, tongue out