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Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: safe, artist:horsesplease, gilda, griffon, human, angel, candle, cup, cute, food, khopesh, offering, praying, present, sword, vozonid, weapon
Size: 2893x9975 | Tagged: safe, artist:snowballflo, cassie, coral (sea pony), electra, jewel (mermare), scootaloo, sonata dusk, terramar, oc, oc:coralita, hippocampus, kelpie, mermaid, merpony, seapony (g4), siren, heartverse, alternate hairstyle, comic, ear piercing, earring, eyeshadow, female, filly, gem, headcanon, jewelry, lore, makeup, male, mare, markings, necklace, open mouth, piercing, redesign, seaponified, seapony scootaloo, siren gem, species swap
Size: 587x487 | Tagged: safe, artist:andypriceart, idw, apple bloom, applejack, big macintosh, zecora, earth pony, zebra, spoiler:comic, spoiler:comic89, barrel, crate, crying, female, filly, male, mare, offscreen character, rope, season 10, stallion, teary eyes
Size: 3000x7000 | Tagged: safe, artist:alexmakovsky, angel bunny, apple bloom, applejack, bon bon, derpy hooves, dinky hooves, discord, dj pon-3, fluttershy, gummy, lyra heartstrings, octavia melody, philomena, pinkie pie, princess celestia, princess luna, rainbow dash, rarity, scootaloo, soarin', spike, spitfire, steamer, surprise, sweetie belle, sweetie drops, tank, trixie, twilight sparkle, vinyl scratch, pony, air, balancing, bipedal, blank flank, canterlot, cloud, cloudsdale, cloudy, color porn, cutie mark crusaders, detailed, featured image, field, flying, friendship express, goggles, high res, hilarious in hindsight, open mouth, perspective, pointing, railroad, royal guard, scenery, scenery porn, smiling, spread wings, train, vertigo, waving, windmill, wonderbolts, wonderbolts uniform
Size: 5000x3260 | Tagged: safe, artist:chibionpu, oc, oc:azure feather, oc:cloud cutter, oc:grenelda, oc:reef skimmer, classical hippogriff, griffon, hippogriff, pegasus, unicorn, fanfic:expedition to cloudbreak islands, butterfly wings, floating island, griffon oc, helicopter, hippogriff oc, horn, pegasus oc, ruins, skylanders, trapped, unicorn oc, wings
Size: 4300x5600 | Tagged: safe, artist:blazeburn386, oc, oc only, earth pony, pony, accessories, angry, armor, axe, clothes, helmet, male, royal guard, soldier, solo, spear, stallion, standing, weapon
Size: 1024x866 | Tagged: safe, artist:dawn-designs-art, oc, oc:fernando, unicorn, book, clothes, male, paint, paint horse, pinto, ponies of the vineyard, rpg, simple background, stallion, traditional art, white background
Size: 3000x2100 | Tagged: safe, artist:eriada, applejack, pinkie pie, earth pony, pony, abandoned, cowboy hat, duo, female, gears, hat, looking at something, mare, mechanism, saddle bag, scenery, stetson, watermill
Size: 7190x7748 | Tagged: safe, artist:eriada, zecora, anthro, zebra, absurd resolution, goggles, satchel, simple background, solo, spear, white background
Size: 3000x2100 | Tagged: safe, artist:eriada, trixie, zecora, pony, unicorn, zebra, clothes, corridor, female, mare, ruins, scenery
Size: 1280x723 | Tagged: safe, artist:horsesplease, capper dapperpaws, gabby, gallus, anthro, cat, griffon, my little pony: the movie, armor, emperor, empress, fan, female, gabbus, helmet, king gallus, male, paint tool sai, palace, queen gabby, rabydosverse, robes, sarmelonid, shipping, straight, vozonid, zannoz
Size: 1280x1921 | Tagged: safe, artist:horsesplease, gabby, gallus, oc, oc:banzrenai, oc:glausharez, oc:lonkatroz, axe, constructed language, doodle, emperor, empress, female, gabbus, khopesh, king gallus, male, parents:gabbus, prince, princess, queen gabby, rabydosverse, sarmelonid, shipping, straight, sword, traditional art, vozonid, weapon
Size: 1400x900 | Tagged: safe, artist:horsesplease, gabby, gallus, princess ember, sandbar, silverstream, smolder, spike, sunset shimmer, constructed language, female, fiery shimmer, fire, gabbus, gallstream, gallus gets all the mares, male, sarmelonid, shipping, squee, straight, sunshine shimmer, vozonid
Size: 1000x1400 | Tagged: safe, artist:horsesplease, gabby, gallus, behaving like a rooster, crowing, crown, emperor, empress, female, gabbus, gallus the rooster, helmet, jewelry, king gallus, male, queen gabby, rabydosverse, regalia, robes, shipping, straight, vozonid
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