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Size: 1200x1200 | Tagged: safe, artist:scarletskitty12, starlight glimmer, pony, unicorn, g4, blushing, bust, cheek fluff, cute, ear fluff, female, glimglam, glimmerbetes, mare, portrait, smiling, solo

Adorable ponies

Size: 2560x1440 | Tagged: safe, alternate character, alternate version, artist:skitsroom, part of a set, applejack, earth pony, pony, g4, beanbrows, cheek fluff, chest fluff, cute, cyrillic, disembodied hand, eyebrows, female, floating heart, genshin impact, hand, heart, jackabetes, mare, one eye closed, petting, ponified, ponified scene, russian, sitting, smiling
Size: 2560x1440 | Tagged: safe, artist:skitsroom, part of a set, fluttershy, pegasus, pony, g4, beanbrows, cute, cyrillic, disembodied hand, eyebrows, female, genshin impact, hand, head pat, mare, open mouth, pat, ponified, ponified scene, reference in the comments, russian, shyabetes, sitting, solo
Size: 2142x1935 | Tagged: safe, artist:vinilyart, coco pommel, earth pony, pony, g4, clothes, cocobetes, cute, dress, female, happy, hat, looking at you, mare, nurse, nurse hat, nurse outfit, open mouth, open smile, raised hoof, shoes, simple background, smiling, solo, stockings, thigh highs, white background
Size: 2048x1536 | Tagged: safe, artist:incendiarymoth, princess celestia, twilight sparkle, alicorn, pony, unicorn, g4, 2019, creation, crown, cute, cutelestia, duo, faithful student, featured image, female, filly, filly twilight sparkle, floppy ears, jewelry, magic, mare, momlestia, notepad, planet, regalia, ring, smiling, solar system, stars, sun, taking notes, teacher and student, teaching, telekinesis, twiabetes, unicorn twilight, younger
Size: 451x742 | Tagged: safe, artist:shydale, octavia melody, earth pony, pony, g4, aggie.io, bed, cute, ear fluff, female, high angle, hooves, leg fluff, looking at you, lying down, magma.com, mare, on back, raised leg, solo, tavibetes
Size: 1759x1669 | Tagged: safe, artist:typhwosion, sci-twi, twilight sparkle, pony, unicorn, equestria girls, g4, animated, blush scribble, blushing, cute, emanata, equestria girls ponified, eyes closed, glasses, hoofy-kicks, horn, open mouth, open smile, ponified, smiling, solo, stimming, twiabetes, unicorn sci-twi, unicorn twilight
Size: 2414x1525 | Tagged: safe, artist:rr29578979, rainbow dash, tank, pegasus, pony, tortoise, g4, eyes closed, female, heart, mare, smiling
Size: 1611x1653 | Tagged: safe, artist:typhwosion, starlight glimmer, pony, unicorn, g4, blush scribble, blushing, cute, daaaaaaaaaaaw, emanata, eyes closed, female, glimmerbetes, headphones, hoof heart, horn, mare, sitting, smiling, solo, underhoof, weapons-grade cute
Size: 2000x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:stinkiit, queen chrysalis, changeling, changeling queen, g4, cave, cute, cutealis, female, looking at you, looking back, looking back at you, signature, smiling, smiling at you, solo
Size: 1000x1000 | Tagged: safe, artist:evelili, sunset shimmer, pony, unicorn, g4, animated, blinking, cute, female, gif, headbob, looking at you, loop, mare, perfect loop, shimmerbetes, simple background, smiling, solo, sway, vibing, white background
Size: 1340x1073 | Tagged: safe, artist:hosikawa, princess luna, alicorn, pony, g4, blushing, cute, female, flower, flower in mouth, heart, looking at you, lunabetes, mare, mouth hold, offscreen character, pov, simple background, solo, spread wings, white background, wings
Size: 2048x1723 | Tagged: safe, artist:petaltwinkle, fluttershy, pegasus, pony, g4, alternate hairstyle, baseball cap, bow, cap, cute, drink, drinking, drinking straw, female, floating heart, folded wings, gradient background, hat, heart, heart eyes, looking at you, looking up, lying down, mare, music notes, passepartout, ponytail, profile, prone, raised hoof, shyabetes, signature, smiling, smiling at you, solo, sparkles, sploot, spread wings, stars, tail, tail bow, wing fluff, wingding eyes, wings
Size: 1213x1213 | Tagged: safe, artist:zubastyypersik, pear butter, butterfly, earth pony, monarch butterfly, pony, g4, :3, blushing, bust, buttercup, butterfly on nose, colored pupils, cute, featured image, female, flower, flower in hair, insect on nose, looking at something, mare, pearabetes, puppy dog eyes, signature, simple background, smiling, solo, white background