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Size: 1704x2290 | Tagged: explicit, artist:kissingkings, oc, oc only, oc:frost bright, pony, unicorn, fall from grace, anal insertion, armor, ballgag, blinders, bondage, buttplug, chastity, chastity cage, collar, floppy ears, gag, helmet, horn cap, horn ring, humiliation, implied gay, insertion, magic suppression, male, malesub, nosehook, orientation play, public use, rainbow, rainbow hair, restrained, royal guard, sex toy, shivering, short story, slut, solo, solo male, stuck, submissive, super gay, tail holder, tail wrap
Warning: NSFW

Gay, bondage, mind control, fetishes, and a totalitarian regime keeping it that way. Fall From Grace is an alternate mlp timeline in which the crystal empire became The New Order. All stallions live together in tight quarters, forced to live under a tyrannical king who insists that all stallions are gay.