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*Regional Politics - Mazandaranian Satrapies*


The queendom of Mazandaran is comprised of 42 satrapies in three main islands, and much like Equestria, is held by Celestia and her co-shahs. However, the distance from it to Equestria (even with modern airships, a trip from Rew-Ardašir, in the coast of Pars, to Sâxâbehamayazatapura, the westernmost major city, takes one or two days.) more or less ensures that Mazandaran is mostly autonomous from Equestria.

Most the satrapies differ from the Equestrian ones by following a hereditary succession system instead of the satraps being appointed by Celestia like in the mainland. some of them originate from the original colonies founded in the place from the 15th century onwards (which is the case for most of the eastern satrapies) and other from _parmush_ chiefdoms that went under Equestrian suzerainity. (especially prevalent in the west).

The satrapies are also largely politically autonomous to a extent that isn't seen in Equestria. However, the past few decades have seen a trend towards unification, leading the queendom to function more as a confederation of satrapies. the main satrapy of the region is Raudeardwahišt, which possesses a great deal of economic importance in spite of its small size.

The second line under the satrapy names are their names in the Equestrian alphabet, which i heavily based on the Gothic one. a guide to what the letters mean is here.

Following a list of satrapies:

Population: c. 1,800,000
Foundation: 1398 SE
Capital: Sâxâbehamayazatapura

Population: c. 200,000
Foundation: 1398 SE
Capital: Arakayu-Zurvandokhtkert

Population: c. 300,000
Foundation: 1398 SE
Capital: Masayabad

Population: c. 900,000
Foundation: 1398 SE
Capital: Absang

Population: c. 700,000
Foundation: 1545 SE
Capital: Ostad-Artafarnah

Population: c. 420,000
Foundation: 1410 SE
Capital: Spedatangepura

Population: c. 350,000
Foundation: 1415 SE
Capital: Veh-Narseh

Population: c. 900,000
Foundation: 1402 SE
Capital: Dez-Artavazd

Population: c. 300,000
Foundation: 1480 SE
Capital: Vahshatabad-Vinduyih

Population: c. 700,000
Foundation: 1454 SE
Capital: Veh-Huvaxštra

Population: c. 800,000
Foundation: 1472 SE
Capital: Xwurdširaz

Population: c. 500,000
Foundation: 1398 SE
Capital: Perozih-Mithrabana

Population: c. 600,000
Foundation: 1539 SE
Capital: Parnapura

Population: c. 320,000
Foundation: 1448 SE
Capital: Ardwisuranahidmordab

Population: c. 400,000
Foundation: 1450 SE
Capital: Tukmandašt

Population: c. 400,000
Foundation: 1548 SE
Capital: Ikuiapag-Hormazdkert

Population: c. 470,000
Foundation: 1510 SE
Capital: Wuzurghamun

Population: c. 2,000,000
Foundation: 1424 SE
Capital: Raudeardwahišt

Population: c. 600,000
Foundation: 1514 SE
Capital: Manazabad

Population: c. 700,000
Foundation: 1526 SE
Capital: Ramhormozd-Daryavaha

Population: c. 350,000
Foundation: 1500 SE
Capital: Abikof-Vindarna

Population: c. 1,100,000
Foundation: 1488 SE
Capital: Šadkamlangargah

Population: c. 440,000
Foundation: 1509 SE
Capital: Morgababad-Xšayasrhan

Population: c. 680,000
Foundation: 1506 SE
Capital: Kortibapura

Population: c. 2,500,000
Foundation: 1462 SE
Capital: Aratakert

Population: c. 1,500,000
Foundation: 1464 SE
Capital: Siyadzarbad

Population: c. 230,000
Foundation: 1592 SE
Capital: Axšangkaran

Population: c. 400,000
Foundation: 1616 SE
Capital: Šahdokht-Xwarrah

Population: c. 1,200,000
Foundation: 1580 SE
Capital: Wehwadi-Hušang

Population: c. 450,000
Foundation: 1626 SE
Capital: Kušabambapura

Population: c. 400,000
Foundation: 1650 SE
Capital: Aštibolandeh

Population: c. 700,000
Foundation: 1595 SE
Capital: Potokšipura

Population: c. 1,600,000
Foundation: 1582 SE
Capital: Ikmapura

Population: c. 1,400,000
Foundation: 1591 SE
Capital: Mešikatenoštitlang

Population: c. 500,000
Foundation: 1614 SE
Capital: Hekatlacopura

Population: c. 700,000
Foundation: 1588 SE
Capital: Wayakkil

Population: c. 600,000
Foundation: 1610 SE
Capital: Navaraga

Population: c. 900,000
Foundation: 1588 SE
Capital: Bakatapura

Population: c. 600,000
Foundation: 1617 SE
Capital: Navahalep

Population: c. 500,000
Foundation: 1605 SE
Capital: Dareasang

Population: c. 900,000
Foundation: 1612 SE
Capital: Wašiakagpura

Population: c. 500,000
Foundation: 1625 SE
Capital: Navarrajan
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