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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta
Equestria is ruled by both Celestia and Luna (after she returns, of course) and a third mortal queen from a lineage that has ruled Equestria even before them (Sasanzad). in fact, the Pillars of Equestria were contemporaries of the first ruler from that lineage (Ardashir V). Blueblood (Abixun) is the brother of the current one – Fleur-de-Lis (Ardashir XVII).

The country is divided into multiple satrapies; the satraps are chosen by the queens from among the jarls, the rulers of the cities (which also include many smaller settlements in their territory), and they usually have terms of six years, although they can be renewed occasionally. the jarls are assisted in the city administration by popularly elected ealdormares. the satrapy where the capital is located is Pars, which is ruled directly by the queens. most of the Mane Six are from there, and most of the episodes happen there.

Most city names tend to be in Parsig or in native names (the latter mainly in the western satrapies). the rural settlements of the central and eastern satrapies tend to have names mostly in Teodesc, with a sizeable minority of Parsig names. the equivalent of Ponyville is called Ævrefreodeh, and it's located in the south shore of a lake. the Everfree Forest (Ævrefreoweald) is located east of it, and Whitetail Woods (Whitaelfrith) is at west. it's not a proper city, and it's under the jurisdiction of the capital, which is named Istakhr.

Every satrapy has one cloud city (_abrapura_) that handles the weather in its territory. while there is natural rainfall, it's unreliable enough that most of the time, "artificial" rainfall is used instead.
Every city has a lake that serves as a reservoir, and the cloud cities rotate between these to meet the yearly water supply. for the coastal satrapies, it's possible to make rain/snow out of seawater, but since part of that water is sold to inland satrapies, lakewater needs to be used to make up the difference. since there is only one in each satrapy, the cloud cities mostly have generic "satrapy name+abrapura" official names such as "Parsabrapura", "Asorabrapura", "Madatropatakanabrapura", and so on.

Pegasi don't actually live there; most inhabitants of the city only work there and live in ground towns around the cloud city, which are considered as neighbourhoods/suburbs of the cloud city. Ævrefreodeh, despite being somewhat close to Parsabrapura, is not one of these, and its proximity to the Everfree Forest meant that the general area was very sparsely inhabitated until Celestia settled its first ponies there, around 100 years before Nightmare's return.

There are six regional administrative centers in the country; Ani, at northwest, Tisfbon at southwest, Hagmadana in the center, Asmarakand at north, Istakhr itself at south, and Bakhtrapura at east.
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