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Twilight Sparkle’s Bad Dream


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Once upon a time, in the magical wold of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle went to bed and had a nightmare. She dreamt that she and all her friends died and that Equestria was segregated. She cried so hard from her bed.
Spike heard her crying and shook her awake. “Twilight, wake up, it was just a bad dream.” Spike said.
Twilight opened her eyes and saw that the world was still perfect and all her friends were alive and well. All of the Mane Six, plus Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer had become immortal alicorn Princesses and Spike had reverted back to his old child-sized body because he realized he liked it better. Pinkie Pie was the new Goddess of Chaos after Discord retired and Rarity was married to Spike.
Twilight smiled and hugged her little dragon brother. And they lived happily ever after.
The End.
Background Pony #50AC
Spike had reverted back to his old child-sized body because he realized he liked it better
Crap, wait a minute, you made Rarity a total pedophile for Twilight’s now ex-boyfriend Spike???
Shame either.
Background Pony #50AC
Plot twist: This is actually Spike’s dream, when we wakes up after slept with Twilight together and being fully grown…
Background Pony #50AC
According to this trope in MLP FIM, as we find out that Twilight no longer needing him is Spike’s worst fear, so, yeah, my headcanon is correct, Spike do not want to lose his girlfriend Twilight Sparkle, and please don’t be salty about it.
Background Pony #50AC
Ah, here we go again. A dragon cannot be blood-related to a pony. You know right? And Rarity should’t be a pedophile as it will negatively affects her living and business.
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In Twilight’s bad dream, Cadance, Shining, Sunset Shimmer and Flurry Heart perished in a horrible train derailment.
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