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The party was ending for Pinkie Pie's Birthday, and Pinkie Pie she opened the presents that her friends gave her at Sweet Apple Acres that sunny spring day while the birds they sang outside.

"Everypony! Thanks for the party, and especially Applejack for being host here at Sweet Apple Acres!" Pinkie Pie said to her friends.

"Thanks Pinkie Pie! We used a whole week to get this party up!" Applejack said to Pinkie Pie.

"There now Applejack! I know how much it has costed to give me that surprise!" Pinkie Pie said.

Records played, as everypony cleaned up after the party andater on was everypony leaving the barn.

"I guess you could need some sleep, as the Grand Galopping Gala is around the corner!" Pinkie Pie said to Applejack.

"Sure! See you tomorrow!" Applejack said to Pinkie Pie.

Then Applejack went to bed.

Pinkie Pie she wen to Sugarcube Corner and there was she meeting with Spike that ate donuts.

"Can' t sleep? You really look forward to the Gala?" Pinkie Pie asked Spike.

Then was Spike and Pinkie Pie talking about the coming Gala, as Rarity did her final job with the Gala dresses.

That night was Applejack sleeping better, as she was dreaming about her first meeting with Pinkie Pie as a filly. Filly Applejack loved the parties that Pinkie Pie threw in at her Birthday parties at school, while Applejack got to learn her "Pinkie Sense". Applejack and Pinkie Pie was in the yearly autumn marathon, and even Applejack could not win over Pinkie Pie. Applejack she thought of Pinkie Pie, as they met first at school.

"Hey! Nice to see you! So you are Pinkie Pie?" Applejack said.

"Right! I see you come from a farm too!" Pinkie Pie said.

"You from a farm?" Applejack asked.

"Yes, I was raised on a rock farm before I moved to Ponyville!" Pinkie Pie said.

After the class, was Applejack showing Pinkie Pie around in Sweet Apple Acres. While the two ponies walked around the farm, was Pinkie Pie telling how good she was at throwing in parties. It was just another perfect and long summer like autumn day in Ponyville, as the sun it was shining over Sweet Apple Acres.

"Mind to come by at my Birthday party this weekend?" Pinkie Pie asked Applejack.

"Yes! I love to party just as much as you!" Applejack told Pinkie Pie.

Applejack and her friends had a blast at her parties. So the next day after the dreams about Pinkie Pie, was Applejack waking up and prepared herself for what Princess Celestia told to be The Best Night Ever in Canterlot. Tonight Applejack would dream about sell apples at the gala, have enough bits and build up a new barn.

"Hey Applejack! Excited about the gala?" Rarity asked Applejack as she came by a vist at the farm.

"Sure! I might get enough bits, so I can get a new barn up!" Applejack said to Rarity.

"I told the others about it, and now I tell you that I will move to Canterlot soon but only for a while this autumn!" Rarity said to Applejack.

"You know how I feel about ponies from Canterlot, but I am always looking forward to visit you anyway!" Applejack said to Rarity.

Then The Mane Six prepared for the gala, as a big crowd of ponies arrived at Canterlot.
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