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The War of the Two Sisters

Lunar Champion - Led the charge of major battles for the New Lunar Republic, bringing swift and crushing defeat to the forces of the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).
Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.
King Sombra - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Crystal Empire!
Artist -
Non-Fungible Trixie -

This fanfic is based on the Derpibooru event that happened not long ago from my point of view.
I put almost no effort into writing this (although I had written a longer fanfiction with more effort put into it until I scrapped it and started over). Part of the reason I even wrote this is so we could all agree that what I wrote is complete trash, that I’m a worse writer than I am an artist (which would be saying a lot haha), and I should just forget about fanfiction.
Anyways, here’s the first chapter:
It’s been a few years since Princess Twilight Sparkle took the throne. Ever since she and her friends defeated the all-powerful Legion of Doom in what was thought to be the final battle of good versus evil, Equestria has been at peace. Under Twilight’s rule, Equestria has become a place for all creatures, not just ponies, to live in. Everything was fine until one night, something terrible had happened.
Not long ago, I woke up one morning and saw that the world had changed. Twilight Sparkle had vanished overnight and was nowhere to be found. The sun and the moon were both raised and the sky was split into half-day and half-night. Equestria became divided after the royal sisters had an argument about who was the superior princess. The land touched by the light of the sun became the Solar Empire, and the land covered in darkness became the New Lunar Republic. Celestia and Luna were at war. Friends, families, and couples found themselves against each other, fighting on opposing sides, as if the world had suddenly been infected by a hate plague, and not the kind of plague the Dazzlings created years ago in the human world. This was like a different plague, one that gave ponies the urge to kill other ponies for their beloved princess.
My name is Starless. I fought for the New Lunar Republic, standing by Princess Luna for the majority of the war. I fought relentlessly for days, battling fighters of the Solar Empire without mercy, becoming consumed by my love for the princess and desire to win this war for myself. I was always a pony of darkness, but this war gave me a newfound love for Princess Luna and the night.
When the war began, the Lunar Castle, formerly known as the Castle of the Two Sisters, had been magically restored. I, and all other ponies who resided in Luna’s territory, were called to the castle to await a speech from Princess Luna. As I walked inside, I saw a squad of bat ponies consisting of some of Luna’s most elite warriors, as well as a few of my friends. We all stood together as Luna begun to speak with her royal voice:
“Citizens of the New Lunar Republic, for millennia the night has been in the shadow of the day, and I have been in the shadow of my sister, who has now become filled with pride and arrogance. She and I no longer rule together, for we will fight for independence and freedom from the tyranny of my sister. We will win this war for the moon and the night, against the blinding light of the sun. Each of you are now fighters for the republic, defenders of the night. Those who fight well will forever be remembered as heroes of the republic and will have the honor of dating me, but every pony who fights in this war is a hero to me, for you are all children of the night!”
I didn’t care much to date Princess Luna at first, although I did always admire her, as I had been dating Sunset Shimmer, who fought for the Solar Empire. But after being around her for a few days, getting to know her whenever we weren’t in battle, I fell in love with her, and so did every pony else. Luna is the most beautiful pony I’ve ever met in my life. She embodies the night and what makes it so beautiful and mysterious. It felt good to be in the New Lunar Republic.
Lunar Champion - Led the charge of major battles for the New Lunar Republic, bringing swift and crushing defeat to the forces of the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).
Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.
King Sombra - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Crystal Empire!
Artist -
Non-Fungible Trixie -

I didn’t care to improve what I wrote. Here’s the rest:
For the first couple of days, I didn’t fight much. The Solar Empire had some of the most powerful warriors in Equestria, but we outnumbered them greatly. On the first day of the war, we stormed Canterlot and took down many of Celestia’s forces. It seemed as if we had already won the war at that point and that Celestia should surrender now, but she didn’t. After hours of fighting, Canterlot became flooded with corpses of fighters from the Solar Empire as Celestia became worn out and she and her forces retreated.
I had no reason to fight in this war and thought it to be pointless. Why would Celestia and Luna suddenly turn on each other? And why did Twilight Sparkle suddenly disappear? It’s almost like this was is fake and some creature is staging these events, just as Discord staged King Sombra’s return and attempted to stage Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow before they all broke free from his control. And does any of this matter? Because when I die I won’t remember any of this let alone care that the New Lunar Republic would emerge victorious. I considered leaving the republic, forget about this war, and spend the rest of my life in peace, until I remembered Luna’s promise that those who fought the hardest would get to go on a date with her. I still didn’t care at the time, but I thought that if I fought hard enough to where I mattered, then maybe this pointless war would actually mean something.
Celestia was not giving up, and I started to believe that Luna wasn’t going to win this war so easily. Things got worse when Luna’s most powerful fighter, who had led the first battle of this war, betrayed the New Lunar Republic out of nowhere and joined forces with Celestia. I remembered when it happened. The war seemed over until suddenly, Celestia’s forces became stronger than ours. Our first victory in which we crushed Celestia’s forces and slaughtered many of her followers was all for nothing. We did get reinforcements, but with our loss, we weren’t sure the New Lunar Republic would win this war and become a free, independent nation. With this betrayal, I was convinced that this war was being staged by an outside force.
Despite this, I continued to fight harder and as the war continued, I started to grow more powerful and less merciful. I watched ponies on both sides betray and kill their friends, their families. Even Twilight’s closest friends were divided because of this war. The magic of friendship had completely disappeared, for a new magic had taken it’s place: the magic of war.
I soon realized that each pony I killed or wounded increased my strength, and it was at this point I now had a crush on Princess Luna. I battled alongside the squad of bat ponies for the next couple days. While the bat ponies took on Celestia’s most elite forces, I and a few of my comrades attacked some weaker ponies to see who could take down the most Solar Empire fighters. Princess Luna didn’t appreciate this and commanded that I put actual effort into this war and help her squad of bat ponies take down actual threats to her republic. This didn’t stop me from what I would do next.
On the fifth day, I had become completely consumed by this war. The only two things I cared about were winning and getting to date Princess Luna as I now had a deep crush on her. Although I had nearly lost hope that the New Lunar Republic would win this war and break free from Celestia’s reign of tyranny, I didn’t care anymore as long as I got to be with my beloved princess.
I fought in the battle of Everfree Forest, remorselessly slaughtering any creature who fought for the Solar Empire. Several of my friends were casualties in this battle, and I didn’t seem to care that I killed most of my friends to satisfy my desire to win and my love for Princess Luna. I was becoming evil again, and feeling awful for what I had done, I broke free.
No longer consumed by this war, I returned to the Lunar Castle and approached Princess Luna. I explained that this war has ruined Equestria and drove every creature mentally insane. I questioned her as to why she would suddenly turn against Celestia and why Twilight Sparkle would just disappear without warning. I didn’t want to fight in this war anymore so I asked her to kill me, or I would kill myself.
Luna was concerned, knowing this war hasn’t been easy for any creature, and she revealed to me that this whole war really is fake.
Former princesses Celestia and Luna made a bet as to who was the stronger, more beloved princess, so they and Twilight Sparkle created a dream shared by all of Equestria, where Celestia and Luna became the rulers once again and declared war on each other. Although the war would last for a week in the dream realm, the dream would only last for one night. Luna’s promise to date the ponies who fought hardest for her republic was just a ruse in order to manipulate ponies into fighting for her, and she was never actually going to date any pony—well, maybe in our dreams. She offered to remove me from her shared dream, which I accepted, and I had no dreams for the rest of the night.
When I woke up the next morning, I saw that every creature who died in the fake war was alive. Some were well rested, others were tired and stressed from the dream war. Twilight Sparkle announced that Luna’s New Lunar Republic won the war by a landslide as the Solar Empire’s forces were completely overwhelmed and devastated by the bat ponies who fought for Luna. She then suggested that they do another fake war soon with her own empire as well as the Crystal Empire soon, and there was great celebration.
Next time (if there is a next time), I’ll put some actual effort into writing a fanfic.
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