"The problem of the past" p.5

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A pony for help
After Twilight was surprised by what happened and a cadence lying on the ground, its horn and its wings simply … they disappeard

Twilight: cadence ! What happened!!!

Persimia comes out coldly and luxuriously
Persimia: What a surprise?

Twilight: Persimia!

Twilight jumps in the air with all its might and launches towards Persimia with all force, and Persimia reverses the strike, but Twilight avoids it, and suddenly the strike comes from behind! Twilight falls to the ground

Persimia: I expect the best from the Princess of Equestria!

TWILIGHT: This was just a warm-up but you are the ones who started

Persimia: Not now!

Twilight hits

Twilight: Ah! And get up is that all you have! Then take a magical moment! Where is my magic !!

Persimia: I stopped him, I don't have time for you, at first I start with it and then you and soon I will get stronger and give me this

And take a twilight crown

Twilight: No.

Persimia: So, cadence things, are you … Where have you gone!

Twilight: Huh! And she says in her secret Oh, thank God, I have gone, I hope you are well

Cadence : Oh I'm not at all fine! Oh, I ran away from his weak! And you cry Now what will I do? I am no longer anything, no magic, no, and I do not know a way out, and you will find me soon …

Cadence hints something
Cadence : Here's his foal ?! Wait, are you lost and go after her, and the foal stands as a cunning for a moment, this is me ?!

Cadence ' imagination disappears, and my affairs suddenly appear

Cadence : Princess Amore!

Amore: Yes, Kidness, I'm here because you need me

Cadence : Oh, then will you help me

Amore : No, you are the one who will help yourself, as you found yourself previously, now. Do and go and fight as princess , not as Alicorn!

At the same time with Twilight and Persimia

Twilight: What now?

Persimia: Nothing. Just wait, I am my princess, and I don't go for things, but she is the one who comes to me!

Twilight: Is this your plan?

Persimia: Hahaha, Twilight Sparkle is not like that, it's complicated! Since my defeat began with it that I plan to take revenge on Kidness! The plan started a long time ago, but it started in the period when you crowned your camera and discovered you and your friends the tree, but she did not allow me to approach, so I waited and Sombra had destroyed it, so I went and took part of it to start the plan and lured you here like mice! Hahaha, smart, ha ?!

Twilight: I cannot believe that no one can control the map or the tree! I will not allow you to complete this plan. Come on, dons. Let us unite and deter it. Did you not want someone to save you? Here we have come.
[C]Persimia: Haha, don't try, they're like a flock, they go with my orders

Cadence : Not long

Twilight: cadence !

Persimia: So what brought you back so quickly, didn't you try to escape ?!

Cadence : The princess does not run away

Persimia: The reckoning has begun
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