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°. (Hey, ponies of Equestria). °
I returned again with the second part of "The Trouble of the Past" with interesting events. As I said, the story focuses on the characters Princess cadence and Twilight Sparkle. I hope you enjoy reading ✒
♣ •. • ´¯` •. •• {let's start} ••. • ´¯` •. • ♥
After entering Princess cadence , everyone was surprised that she was summoned for a friendship mission with Twilight and says Twilight
Twilight: — cadence ! I can't believe you and I are on a friendship mission. How are you, shining and Flurry, is she geting a little bigger?!
Spike: — This is the first friendship mission that unites princesses
TWILIGHT: — I know that's cool, but we're not just princesses, we're a site!
cadence : I'm fine and Shining too, Flurry misses you so much, and you're right, spike. I'm excited but will our mission be Twilight?
Twilight and cadence cutie mark will shine and float over the mission area to which Twilight and cadence will go and are ….
Sunburst: — Hooveington ?! This country has a small population and its inhabited by earth ponies
Trixie: — And this is the country that the great and powrful Trixie rescued her ponies from Ursa the Great!
Rainbow Dash: — Wasn't that a lie ….
Trixie: — Display an ad for my shows. You won't understand this rainbow crush
Starlight: — Trixie, no time for now, okay Twilight, shall we open school today?
Rarity : — Of course, my dear, we knew it happened and there is no need to close it today
Twilight: — Rarity is right, and now we have to go cadence and I have a long mission trip.
fluttershy: — Good luck, Your Majesties. We hope you have a good time!
Applejack: — * Whisper * There was no need for your Majesty, tell us everything as soon as you arrive in ponyville!
Trixie: — I hope I'm called up on a friendship mission with Princess Celestia!
Rainbow Dash: — Here's a daydream Trixie first, Ursa, and now this is a haha ​​seriously!
And Twilight and cadence go to Hoovington and say Twilight …
TWILIGHT: — Oh no, I forgot the map. I've never been to Hoovington before
cadence : — I think I know the access road so don't have to worry about it twilight
When they arrive, cadence feels as though she knows this place and suddenly finds that …
♣ •. • ´¯` •. ••{Continued} ••. • ´¯` •. • ♥
And so we have reached the second part of the "problem of the past", what was the thing that you liked the most, dowries, share your views with me in the comments and your opinions again in the third part, and with goodbye:>
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