The perfect name for the perfect villain in my story. Change my mind!

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Orias Augustus Sparkle is the perfect name for my season 10 villain.
In religious texts, Orias is a high-ranking demon responsible for teaching astrology and the study of stars. I can’t think of a better name.
In his final god form (Elder Alicorn,) He is known as Orias Morningstar. In my story, Celestia and Luna are treated as Elder Alicorns because of their long age.
Cadence, Flurry, and Twilight are all alicorns, yes, but not elder alicorns. Orias boosted himself to the status of elder faster in his transformation because, after the final war, he absorbs all the other twelve essences from each of his fallen vessels—Some of those vessels being alicorns.
However, this transformation wasn’t perfect for Orias. It was a forced amalgamation, with Orias simultaneously compelling all twelve essences into his body. Once a living creature, each essence retained its biases and was aware of Orias’s manipulation. This, along with Celestia’s final assault, sets the stage for Orias’s eventual downfall.
And the biggest kick to his ego was that he felt like he cheated death and won.
In contrast to Twilight, Orias is a character filled with sadness and pity, a stark reflection of Twilight’s opposite. He embodies the actual antithesis of Twilight in every way, serving as a chilling reminder of the perils of a life devoid of love.
Twilight, growing up, was always raised with love; she had parents who could guide her in the right direction, but Orias did not—his parents left him at Archmage Starswirl’s doorstep and seemingly abandoned him.
Although not evil, this Starswirl did not understand how to be a parent; he was a mage for their kingdom. He was sadly unable to prevent Orias from seeking power.
And then, because Orias sought the darkness fostered by Grogar, he became too powerful for the royal family to put him down for good—they had no choice but to attempt a sealing on him, even if it got botched and he went to Equestria rather than his intended destination.
…Oopsie poopsies.
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