The Land Beyond The Orient


Nostalgia Purist
t was after Fall Weather Friends, and summer was ending while nothing special happened on those cold days.
Winter came, and the ponies was busy with preparing for Christmas.
Twilight and her friends spend a day in the Canterlot maze, as they played hide and seek.
It was a sunny day, and the ponies waited for a White Christmas.
But then Applejack found a gate in that maze, and she opened it.
“What the hay?” was Applejack asking while she stood in another world with snow beneath her.
It was even colder, as Applejack wandered around in a forest covered by snow.
As Applejack finally found back to the magic gate, were she back in Canterlot.
But nobody believed Applejack, as Rainbow Dash she made it worse.
“Far out! Did your imagination really run that high?” was Rainbow Dash asking Applejack.
Both Rainbow Dash and Applejack was going to argue again, so the other ponies went to Princess Celestia.
“A magic gate? Another World?” were Princess Celestia asking the ponies.
“I swear! Applejack she ran to us as never before!” did Twilight say.
“There must be something out there, and even I do not know all the secrets of the maze!” were Princess Celestia saying.
So the next day was Rainbow Dash spying Applejack, and followed her to the gate.
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